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Jack is 2.5 and he has never even stayed in our church nursery.   NO WAY he would have at 15 months it would have been just cruel to him.    He will be 2yrs 10 month when he starts montessori pre primary in aug for 2 mornings a week.  We also did a little gym class this past yr and did story time at our liberary.   I would not put him in  daycare just for socialization at this point.   You have plenty of time.  Dont stress it.  
all 4 of my boys were out of daytime diapers by 30 months.   I would go with it.   In some children if you dont  take advantage of early signs then they balk at giving up diapers later on.   We just spent the past couple weeks doing "boot camp" with Jack ... lots of naked time and several potties.  He has only had one pee accident in the past 2 weeks.
  You dont say how long you have been married to you DH.   That can make a huge difference.  As a mom who's kids had a former step mother who tried to get very involved very quickly it is shocking even in a good relationship.   Xh's ( then) wife did not come to meet the teacher nights or was not allowed to pick the children up from school she also was not permitted to go on field trips, scounts, take them to the doctor etc.  It was written in our custody agreement that if...
i agree potty training is potty training intact or circ'd.   Ive done both.    Sitting seems to work the best and lean and tuck.   I saw no difference 
I have no problem  doing things when my toddler is in the tub.  I put towels away run for clothes in the bedroom my washer and dryer are up stairs so I will switch over a load and bring the basket back etc.   Im usually yelling to stop splashing or dumping water out of the tub.  Ive done the same with the other 3.  
I have on on the list.   Jackson.  aka Jack.    He was named after my grandfather and greatgrand father and great great grandmother (maiden name).   Hated or not we would have stilled used it.  I can think of many more unsuitable names that on than on that list. OH well.
it made such a HUGE difference in Nathan.  Dyes and some artificial flavors trigger ADHD type behaviors in Nathan.  Its like you give him a super stimulant and he COULDNT be good impulse control was NON existant. Its has a 2 week induction period with a super strict diet.  Lots of fruits are limited the first 2 weeks ( like oranges )  all artifical dyes and preservatives and things like vanillin ( fake vaanilla flavor).  I do suggest you go ahead and buy the feingold...
I would start with the feingold diet.   DS3 had NO impulse control at 3 when we started the dye elmimination.
Flip it  Her mom can take everyone out for pizza and then drop them off at your house.   I never let my kids ( now xstep mom) in my home heck I never leave my X in my house.   I dont go in his.  You are going to have to let her dad address that issue.    
They will not give it to you I think 24 is the age cut off.
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