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I would not allow contact with the baby.   It sheds so I would say 21 days before I would feel comfortable with contact ( physical) with the baby.   She can put off her vaccine or put off touching/ close contact with the baby
Good luck!  I was thinking about you the other day.  I hope things work out for you and the kids.
My boys have seen angels over the years.   Specifically my grandmother.  She would visit them often.     The oldest was a toddler when she passed.  For years he would wake and tell me gma came floating in his room ( pointing to the exact spot she was) and she would smile and wave at him.  My nephew would tell my sister the same story.  
This says volumes about her and the situation.    You did not direct him to say it the smart little guy put 2 and 2 together that his "mommy" is the one who takes care of him.    I do feel bad for her but she needs to spend more time with them.   FYI my good friend did day care ( and still does) for years in her home.  It isnt uncommon for some of her day care children to call her mommy when they are small.  For them its usually a phase but she's with some of them 50hrs a...
I would let him call you what he wants at this age.   I would not bring up the beer cap.  Not at this point anyway.  You are in the roll of his mother so its natural he things thats what he should call you.   
I have no problem letting my boys quit something like TBall.   He tried it and a didn't like it.   DS2 wanted to try karate 2 or 3 lessons in he didn't like it I understood it wasnt his "thing"  his Dad was all about forcing the "commitment" ( he was 7)  When he was with his dad he HAD to go  I didnt make him .   There was crying fits and he refused to go on the floor it was horrible for him.   He went on to play soccer and take guitar lessons later.  He just really...
I would want to know the whole story but I would make a call about his address.   Now one other thing is he may have but they haven't updated the data base.   He still has no business living with 3 young boys. I don't know your relationship with their father but he may need to step in to get custody of the boys.   I would NOT cut contact if you do you would never know if the boys are in trouble.
  THIS!   I always buy a seat for the boys.   did you not just see what happened to the south west plane where part of the roof peeled away?  I have flown with a toddler car seat  and a 6 yr old.  I put the car seat in the car set and put a bungie cord around it  put Jack in the ergo  let my  now 7 yr old carry his back pack and carry on carry on with snacks and small items.  You can hope there is an extra seat available but other flyers are not obligated to move to...
I put a big N/A on it.   Look at the bottom of that form and see if it says something about a religious exemption.  on the back or the bottom of the last page
You cant make people "nice"   You extended your heart/hand to your xmil and she treated it badly.   She is using the boys for her own agenda and thats not good for them or you.   Sounds like they have many people in their lives  that love them.   Could you do  "dinner dates" with the boys and their grandmother?  Eliminating the over nights?  Its easier to detox from 3 or 4 hrs than 2 days
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