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The scale is in a large bathroom and the nurse weighs me says pee and put it on the paper towel in a little wall slot( little mail looking door) then when I go out she takes my bp. Its a quick read IF anything shows up then they do check further
If it happens again.... It COULD be your water leaking
Every appt at the office I go to. They check for sugar and protein. It just a quick pee on the stick. Im glad they do.
Well I hope this baby holds off at least 24hrs ( which I thnk he will) becausee Nathan has strep. Joy oh joy
Thats alot. Just curious why the rotovax? Its my sister is an er nurse and she said she cant even remember when a baby came through with rotovirus bad enough for an IV ( though it does happen) Its a nasty case of diahrrea. Its a fairly new vaccine and one we WILL skip. It also sheds so your child could spread it to your family. We are waiting for 1 yr before starting and then only 1 vaccine every 3 months. Monthly doesnt really give a child enough time to recover (...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes Morning, everyone! We're taking Nora in for her genetic testing today. Please send positive vibes out for us. We need all the good happy thoughts we can get. Keep us in your thoughts and in your prayers, if you do that sort of thing. I so hope its a margin of error thing and you can bf again. If not I am SO glad they caught it early and you will be raising a healthy baby girl. Good luck!!!!
I think this baby will stay in till he goest to preschool! Yesterday Nathan ( 4) was talking to my belly button ( you know the intercom system for his baby brother) asking him if he was "cooked" long enough and could he please come out and play because we bought him a holloween outfit. Im off to the peds this morning I think Nathan may have strep If not its a nasty viurs but I need to make sure before the baby decides to come I am SO ready but only half sleeping...
That is wonderful. Im glad to hear he is doing well! Keep up that good momma milk for him.
Here.... I snagged this post from the vaccination forum. Seems like a pp stated Thimesol free does not mean it contains 0 thimersol but instead "trace" amouts. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=973065
The MMR is NOT a booster. It is a second shot. something like 95% of children get immuinitywith 1 shot the 2nd shot is to cover that 5%. You can ask your ped to order a titer which will check immunity before re injecting your child. Also check your states school admittence regulations. SOme only require 3 DaPT and will accept a titer.
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