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Help!! need recommendations My 6 year old can't wake up in the middle of the night to go pee and is starting to upset him. We have been using disposables at night but we are starting to weight the cost and since I already have extra large cloth diapers I am searching for a good cover to use. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance. Jula
Duhhhhh That was the only place I hadn't look at. I found the perrrfect t-shirt. Thank you soooo much kokotg Jula
"Hold On to Your Kids. Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers" by Gordon Neufeld and GAbor Mate. I am not done reading it but I like it so far. It has helped me think about my relationship with my 10 year old daughter. Relax about me wanting her to have many friends (she doesn't have a lot of "best friends") I hope you can find it. Jula
I am looking for a simple Barack Obama for president t-shirt and can't find one. Anyone has seen one for sale? I have been searching some websites and found many t-shirts too elaborate for my taste. Please let me know where to go. Thanks Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone Jula
I love you guys!!! I am here bitting my nails waiting for my book to be delivered and wondering so many things. I cried reading your comments and I thank you so much. I can now go on with my day and not spoiled it for the rest of the family. Still, I want my book!!
I just came back from a release party at B& N's. I already ordered my books through Amazon but I had this wild dream that I was going to be able to pick inside or even look at the cover at the release party. It was madness but fun. Some workers started bringing these big boxes that contained the books inside and I made sure I touched those boxes wishing I was getting one tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow!! Good noght everybody. Sweet dreams. Jula
At the begining of the episode Luka was geting ready to go to the hospital, picked up to baby to kiss him good-by, put him back in the car seat and rushed off leaving a crying baby. Abby immediately picked him up and comforted him. She even shush him and gave him a little bounced I thought she looked very nurturing. After her encounter at the baby group I found myself talking to the tv and saying, find a La Leche League group!!: LLLove, Jula
Our is still up. Dh tried to take it down on the weekend but I want it to stay up until Epiphany. It will "go down" this weekend though Jula
I am so sorry for your loss
I think that if you are uncomfortable with their rules you should say something. Talk with the principal or even take it to the school board. I am sure the school is wonderful regarding the academics but they need some "feeling" = Love for the families and their strong conections with their kids. You would want to stop by to check not only on your child but on the teacher and the classmates. And also become a Room Mom or set up a day to volunteer in the classroom and...
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