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The death rates are similar, but a low risk woman is more likely to have a c-section if she goes straight to the hospital than if she attempts UC, and c-sections are major abdominal surgery and carry their own additional risks.  
No it isn't. And mommato5 didn't say it was:   You mean that she was referring to specific babies who didn't receive proper treatment?   Not hypothetical sick babies? Oh dear.  
I stated exactly what sort of symptoms would have me wait and see. There are plenty of other cases where I would go immediately to urgent care or call a nurse hotline and I have suggested those actions to people in the past. I was pointing out that it was just as absurd to take every problem to a doctor as it is to ignore serious concerns, because the user I was replying to was universally condemning the idea of "wait and see."    
You could always try calibrating it. Use a series of known weights (e.g. bags of rice weighed on your kitchen scale) and check what the luggage scale says for each.   Linear results are good (e.g. always 32g off).   Of course, a 1/10th of a lb isn't too horrible, especially if you use the same scale for the first few measurements to assess growth.
Don't wear it around your hips though. Wherever it goes, it really should be above the ilium. You can  see why with an easy demonstration. Put your hand on your waist resting onto your hip bone. Push and try to slide your hand down and see how that feels. Then, put your hand on your hip, cupping your hipbone. Now try sliding your hand down.   Ignore the above if you have a particular sort of back problem where pressure on the hips aggravates things. Just be aware...
For me, it'd be easier to work with if they gave examples. I kind of get why they can't, but at the same time, the wording makes it unclear at times what sort of situations/outcomes are being described.
Edited because I completely misunderstood Mommaof5's post. I swear to all that is holy that I thought she'd changed topics from deaths. ()   I was responding to what I thought she was saying in her second paragraph. Which was that I thought she was condemning wait and see in all cases.   (And yes, I do feel completely stupid for having made that mistake.)
Keep in mind that if you have a certain view of yourself, you'll end up swinging the results.   E.g. I vastly prefer parties with my friends to reading books. But there are plenty of other parties I'd hate, while I'd always be okay with reading. Since I considered myself introverted, I'd answer "I prefer reading" because I don't like all parties.   It wasn't until I took a version that had "I honestly cannot choose between the two" that I got a result that wasn't...
Don't assume she won't. You could go along fine and then she suddenly decides that he 'should' be able to retract because he's X age. Go into her with a cheerful "hey, you've been doing really great, but just to be perfectly clear, here's the info on retracting intact penises from the AAP."   Grapejelly, OTOH, should send letters to the retracting doctors stating "I will not be using your practice because of this, here's the information from the AAP on why you are...
Keep in mind that our brains do need a lot of easily digested carbohydrates for development. The sugar in formula is actually nutritionally necessary, although why they wouldn't use lactose, I just don't know.   Just to reassure you that you haven't been feeding your ds sugar for no reason!
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