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You're very welcome. I will now specifically *not* ask that of any twin (or other multiples) mama. I didn't ask because it didn't occur to me to be something *too* ask, but now I won't ask it so they can have one person who doesn't ask.    
Oh hey, you found a supplement! I was just over in Toddlers telling you I didn't know what was available.  
I don't know what's good. I know they sell DHA supplements now, so odds are there's something good out there.   No, toddler formulas are just as regulated as infant formulas, what isn't (or wasn't) regulated was how they could be advertised. Basically, unlike you, there are a lot of women out there who ended up using formula entirely because of the formula manufacturers manipulations and not because they really had to. And the little bit I read on wikipedia (so grain of...
First off, definitely check the medication with Hale if you haven't already.    http://www.safefetus.com/Search.asp seems to be a fairly comprehensive database as well.   Really you're approaching an age where nursing stops being the magical fixative that it is in the first year or so. Also, you do NOT want to get into the stubborn twos with daily migraines. Toddlers require more patience than pretty much any other age group, and even with 2 years of practice...
Hey, you have new babies! Congratulations!
Um. How accessible is that wiki? Because one of the stories (from 2007) on there had the comment (planned; story says "unplanned" for protection) I replaced it with unplanned until we know how the mama in question feels about the situation now.
What you need here is something to get the time off her hands. Some kind of huge project where every time she asks about the doctor thing you can say "it's covered, thanks, now what do you think about Big Project?" Let's see.... any chance she's a gardener? Or has been alternating her complaints about you with complaints about some other issue?
http://www.boardingschoolreview.com/junior-boarding-schools.php   I hope everything is okay.
On an ordinary basis? No. But when the day care is needed due to the employer's negligence, the employer should cover that cost, the cost of travel to the treatments, and a per diem for food for the patient because she has to eat out and probably in the hospital's cafeteria.      
How about a double team? MIL comes over to get dd to bed, another caregiver comes over too and stays there while MIL goes home to her own bed. That'd also give your dd her own little party to start celebrating becoming a big sister.
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