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From 1 to 2 a baby definitely needs the extra stuff that comes in breastmilk and breastmilk substitutes and isn't in whole milk. The good news is that your LO could probably get those things in the form of another supplement if such things are available, e.g. drops stirred into milk or chewable tablets or something.   I don't like that I'm reading that toddler formulas were created to get around regulations on infant formula advertising. So if it were possible to get...
Hmm, so maybe what's going on with thinking warts away is that it triggers the immune response. If that's the case, then it wouldn't work on zits because those already involve the immune system.
Exactly. Even if she had daycare fully paid for without her work income, she still would've needed new child care in the town with the rehab.  
Probiotics are also really helpful.
Since you're friends, any chance you know her parents and her dh?   Is there any chance at all that there was some confusion? Like she told the nanny to only thaw 2oz at a time and not to leave it out for more than 3-4 hours? (Okay, that's a really long shot, but we can live in hope.)   Really, I'd start by talking to her, asking about the baby, asking how pumping is going, etc, etc. And be prepared to call CPS.
Go shopping with both parents, or go shopping with one kid at a time. I know that can be difficult to arrange, but when you could manage it it would be a chance to get the kids out and get them practice in store behavior.    
Just to be clear, if it was just crowded enough that people had to share tables, but there was plenty of walking room, and I happened to do a spill like that, I would offer to replace the newspaper. No resentment if he accepted the offer, no surprise if he said not to bother.
Speaking of why this thread is still going and going and going:   Flies hate honey and love vinegar. The internet proves it every time.   I mean, sure you might change a fly's point of view with honey. But when's the last time that was your goal in setting a flytrap?    
I don't know since it was 2nd hand information about a long time ago. Maybe get two zits and try different methods on each?   I would expect the iodine guy to have been thinking about how the iodine would make the wart go away because my grandfather-in-law said it would.
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