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Hey if there's no mocking of tragedy, that's awesome.   Cynical-me immediately wonders if it's just because the real below-the-belt types over there haven't managed to get into the private forums, but Cynical-me always thinks stuff like that.
What's the silliest thing you've seen this week?   For me, not too silly, it's been dd announcing that she's off to the rescue with a huge, dramatic hand sweep. She's got the timing a bit off too, so she looks like a bad actor in a worse play. She can get away with it since she's 2.5, but it's sooo hard not to laugh at her.
Since when has TAO been exclusively fluff threads? If you think this thread belongs somewhere else, PM a mod.    
  Which way did you mean that? "Your post was phrased in a funny way." "You're so right I had to laugh." "You are a little old lady." "I am a little old lady and have decided now is the time to announce it." "Nonsense, of course people are respectful of reincarnation over at TWWS, as long as they only talk about it one of the friendly forums over there." "Nonsense, of course a woman who had read extensively on birth would think she had an actual rabbit inside her."  
  Apparently this is how belief in reincarnation is presented over there.
Thanks for clarifying!   (Not sarcasm, btw.)
You're right, you had already addressed a great deal of what I was asking about. I got confused because you replied to my posts that asked about stuff you'd already answered as though you were the TWWS spokesperson.   Anyway, anyone want to address the out right misinformation? It's great that there are people over there who only mock things when they're really funny, but it doesn't do much good if they're being lied to to make things seem funnier.    
But you were critical of Adaline's Mama for thinking you could name them.
Oh, I believe the people openly participating in this thread have good intent. What I don't trust is that they've already said that there are people at TWWS who push boundaries.
That one was my fault.    
New Posts  All Forums: