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I really don't get why you're so fixated at addressing the inconsequential aspects of my posts (okay, I have a good guess about that, what I really don't get is why I keep trying, but I think answering that would require therapy).   What people are talking about in the thread is whether TWWS is full of malicious drama mongers who can't answer a simple question about their drama mongering or whether it's this wonderful place of freedom where true discussion can...
Paper dries. And it's not like you could just run down to the store in a crowd like that. And that would've left your dh holding your empty chair for who knows how long as other people have to stand and the pub doesn't get that business. And since the gentleman in question had the eyesight and brains to work UK style crosswords (the few I've seen are HARD) he knew perfectly well about the crowd.   I hope your dh shows you at least half the consideration he expects...
Oops, I need to edit.   This thread is about other sites that mock MDC of which TWWS's MDC-therapy forum is the one where members of the TWWS board are here to answer questions. Also, more importantly, the TWWS MDC-Board has participants who are not auto-hating on MDC ideals, which makes for a better chance at discussion.   Now, pardon me while I go see if the OP has been edited.  
Really don't.  I'm sorry I got involved in thinking about lightinmyhands's story that I totally forgot I'd be bumping up the crazy link.
   If it were only a couple who regularly went below the belt, you would be able to name them. The fact you can't means there's a large enough group of truly vicious people that you have trouble identifying the source when something really nasty is posted.
I only posted in threads about me, because those were the only threads I where I wouldn't be gossiping about others. However I read more threads than that, and I read the comments about other posters that were in my threads, and those were vicious. The stuff about me was exactly what I expected and not particularly vicious aside from the "I hate that b*tch" comments from a couple people (remember I only saw threads from 3 years ago, so if there's been new extra mean...
Not really, it's what 1/2 this thread is about. The other half is people defending TWWS in general.  
Thanks. He got a chance to call me around noon today, and didn't have any bad news, so I'm guessing things didn't go too badly this weekend. I think they were supposed to spend a lot of time in PT gear and they had to bring the dress greens this month, so maybe there wasn't a ton of time in the ACUs.   Hope your dh didn't have too rough of a time getting back up to speed after you settled.
Ruby, any chance you could work with your endocrinologist on this? Explain your thyroid med timing and ask if that would affect GTT results?   http://rixarixa.blogspot.com/2008/01/michel-odent-on-gd.html is a fairly indepth look at the implications of GD by one of the experts on board here at MDC.
Thank you, I appreciate your response. It's also good to know that the discussions do move into hypotheticals.    
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