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Thank you. I had not been 100% certain you were being obnoxious on purpose.
Re: the facebook thing Nanny McPhee posted. I really don't think I could help that "discussion" in any way. There's plenty of good information that the homophobic people are ignoring just because they are homophobic.
I am genuinely interested in the opinions of those who read both places regularly. Do you reject the vicious MDC-threads at TWWS, welcome them, or  deny their existence?   It is wonderful that you all are getting benefits from being at TWWS. Truly. And it's kind of cute to see your little love fest over here about that.   But you guys aren't really addressing the fact that the MDC-therapy forum at TWWS (the other forums are not pertinent to this discussion) has a strong...
You TWWS fans can seriously look at all the threads over there and claim that only a fainting sheltered stereotypical 1950's housewife would have a problem with any of them?   It's all very well to defend "we wanted to keep talking about xyz" or "I didn't feel I could express disagreement at MDC". And it's all very well to say  that most TWWS threads about MDC are at that level. Really though there are a large batch of threads over there that are NOT defensible on...
I know I do, which is why I spent my 3 hours on TWWS updating people on 3 year old threads about me (the only ones that showed up for a search of my user name).   But we're shaped by the company we keep and the patterns of speech that company finds acceptable. Just as hanging out with nerdy drama geeks will result in quoting waaaaay too much Monty Python, hanging out with gossipy drama mongers will result in a certain gossipy angle to one's own speech. And there are a LOT...
Grrr that was not the edit button.
http://www.hearinglosshelp.com/articles/loopsystems.htm Oooo, these look potentially good. Depends on how the equipment actually is.
Kind of. Although it reminds me of how when I was a kid in the minivan (and I mean like 16 years old) it was incredibly hard to hear anyone in the front seat. It was nearly impossible (literally impossible on a highway) to hear them if any window was open at all.   Darn it, I was hoping by now the in-car intercom system I wanted as a kid had been developed. I can probably get my own voice over the car's speakers by fiddling with my speakerphone options, but I don't...
I don't know, but I do know it isn't a matter of eat fat=>fat seeps into blood vessels=>accumulation.  
If you regularly tell your friends that your SIL is a who you hate sooo much and lie to your friends about what your SIL says and does (that you found out about by following her around) to provoke a better reaction to your stories, then yeah, when your SIL finds out, she should cut your toxic self out of her life and the whole family should support her.
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