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In regards to medical training/equipment verses intuition:   http://www.cracked.com/article_18840_5-common-medical-procedures-that-secretly-arent-worth-it.html   Look at #4.      
By reaching up inside there and feeling around? Um... ouch? Or is that only something they do if it seems like the baby's caught on something? And if so, how... Sorry, way off topic there, nevermind.    
  Correct me if I'm wrong, but what I'm hearing you say here is that if women in 3rd world countries do not enjoy having unattended births that that is an indication that UC is statistically bad?   My arguments against that, in no particular order:   Even in 1st world nations there is some indication that preconception and prenatal nutrition will affect birth outcomes. Better nourished people (all the vitamins, minerals, etc) have a better chance at easier births. (For...
And vice versa. One of the major drawbacks to rearfacing in the back seat is how hard it is to hear dd. Help!
I bought the strips and used them at home, mostly to have the satisfaction of doing something pregnancy related. "ooo I peed on a strip, I'm pregnant!" Honestly if I hadn't gotten the glucose/protein strips I probably would've been taking a pregnancy test a day.   (Did get OB care later on, they used the exact same strips in their office, which I was mildly amused by.)
If you haven't got the cat yet, you should know that it might not matter if the cat can catch mice (other than saving on food bills). When we moved into our old house, the neighbors (no cats) warned us that the area gets mice every winter and the previous owner (no pets) had mentioned getting mice too. We came in with two cats and never saw a hint of a mouse.    
Congratulations!   (Because of my experience, I associate irregular contractions with back labor, am so very very very happy for you that it was not the case.)
It would've been really helpful for me to have a birth sheet on hand to look at during labor. I had all this information and totally forgot to allow for the fact that my memory is horrible in stress situations. A nice piece of paper with all the info would've been awesome.
Do you think it would've helped at all to have placenta capsules to take over time? Placenta can also be frozen.    Meanwhile, I'd ask over in health and healing about non-placental sources of placental nutrition. Off the top of my head, placentas have a lot of iron and anemia causes fatigue, for instance.
http://users.rcn.com/jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/P/Phenylketonuria.html   My understanding from the above is that the disease isn't going to show up until someone has the misfortune to get the wrong pair of genes. There is exactly as much chance with this kid as with all your other kids.    
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