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Here's the questions I'd ask myself: 1. How far is the NICU from your home? Worst case. 2. How soon did your previous babies need care? Worst case.   One of dd's little friends is a boy who spent quite some time in NICU after being born at home. He's perfectly healthy now, but his problems weren't ones where seconds (or even minutes) made a difference.   Meanwhile, here are some long gestation vibes from someone who went past her due date. Because really,...
How about "OB, if I make it to the hospital for this next birth, what are you going to do to keep them from freaking out about me?"   Don't most OBs bill insurance with a standard pregnancy package that doesn't distinguish between numbers of prenatal visits and time spent at the birth? If that were the case, it wouldn't really affect your OB in the slightest for you to stay home instead.
Yeah, that's the worst part, they are sooo small and velcro-y, I know they didn't go through the wash because I played a game with dd with them while that laundry was running (and then put them right back on the table where I found them). He also seems to be completely missing the ACUs he wore home from last drill and his bag of extra name tags as well. He texted his patrol leaders if they could bring any spare OCS tags they have and is going to use the nametags from the...
I read somewhere a long time ago that the biggest risk factor in giving birth while overweight is having a care provider who believes the weight is a problem. So for your best chance at a birth experience you want, if you decide to get pregnant before losing weight, get  a different doctor.   Out of curiousity, is the IUD one of the many forms of birth control that cause weight gain? (Google....) Well, in the anecdotal evidence suggests that the hormonal version has...
I keep trying to get enough time to concentrate on a zit and see if it works for that too, what I've found is that 10 minutes is a looooong time for people as easily distracted as me.
In retrospect, I would've actually done a lot better with  a big distracting crowd of friends in the early stages of labor.
Well, if the problem is that they are imaging the fat solidifying in the arteries (even though it doesn't even enter the blood stream as fat) you could do a mini demonstration. The inside of our bodies is warmer than the outside, correct? (If there's any doubt, you could do comparisons with thermometers). What happens if you just hold a piece of solid fat? Even frozen fat melts soooo fast at anything approaching body temperature that I have to wonder whether the people...
We have to try a new technique every few months. Right now it's working for me to be a "mommy dentist" and she lays down on a pillow with our bedside lamp lit.   And I think leaving and listening for his response makes sense. It really does sound like he needs some alone time and is too tired to know how to express that.
Turns out my grandfather-in-law would heal warts in 2-3 days on himself by concentrating on the wart going away for 10 minutes a day.   He had a friend he knew wouldn't be willing to try that and told the  friend to rub iodine on his wart 10minutes a day and the friend's wart went away.    
Thank you! It's definitely that, although I've never experienced it about anything remotely important.    
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