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There's gotta be a word for that. I first encountered this with tryptophan. Never heard of the stuff then saw a show where they joked about it, then within an hour my parents referenced it, then someone else brought it up a couple hours later.    
I do believe I might do just that.   Or will I?  
Urgh. Sooo addicted to drama. Must not go look at TWWS board. Gotta Google how to delete vbulletin accounts. Okay, used a white font and C&P from word to change my password to a random collection of characters, didn't save the password with firefox's auto thing, and logged out. That should lock me out of there.   But since I'm not the only drama lover around here, I'll share that now they're hypothesizing that I'm not really sapphire_chan. I feel like I've won the...
Nope, thought of it on my own before seeing that post of yours. I did giggle a bit that we'd had the same sort of idea. I'm sure you didn't post in any kind of sensitive area or hurt anyone here.    
Hmm, dd's placenta had an extra-lobe so maybe I should start a thread in birth loss about her "missing twin"? Nah, I like the ladies in birth loss and respect them infinitely more than I care about feeding trolls.
Grrrrrrrr... .not HELPING!!   Lol   Okay. Fine.   You'll see me browsing over there shortly, as ImADramaAddict   Nevermind, my email address staged an intervention and didn't look real to the registration form.   Or I could just be stupid about which field is for what. W00t more drama!   Botheration, now even if I fix my horrible spelling errors over here, they'll still be immortalized over there. I am teh sad.   Okay, so let me share why I think the person who PMed you...
The key is to think "F**K YOU" in the general direction of the snark boards whenever you post. Do that for awhile and you'll stop caring what they think and then you stop caring that they exist.
Darn it, I'm paying too much attention to this thread and it's making me want to go see if I'm mentioned over there. Somebody tell me I'm not so I can feel bizarrely disappointed and move on.   ( also how are you shocked people looking at the site?)
  So is toeing the party line a prereq for being a "mostly nice person" who can "grow"?
If that's typical of the distortions going on over there to create snark-able topics, I'm staying far away from the stupid.    
New Posts  All Forums: