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I'm sooo glad I don't have carpeting. DD hates the vacuum and we couldn't even keep one rug clean because of that.
Have you tried the "you have such lovely taste, anything you like will be perfect" method?
Huh, sounds like your aunt is pulling the strings for a lot of this fiasco. Are we sure cousin is a bridezilla and it's not a case of Frankenstein's Bride? (No wait, that'd mean a bride was created who go out of control. Whereas I suspect that cousin is very much under  your aunt's control.)
http://shop.sprint.com/en/services/safety_security/parental_control.shtml They have an option where you can set kids' phones to only access sites deemed suitable for minors.   There appear to be a number of variants on that, but nothing with really fine-tuned control.
Oooh, I like your dh's idea. Except of course for the whole driving rickety RV over the Rockies in winter part. Are there flatter routes through the Rockies? I've only driven through there once and it was all steep and made our minivan's engine sound like it was hauling bricks.
And it'd be safer than having for your dh than driving a huge moving truck towing a car. Even if he's a truck driver, those moving trucks aren't balanced as well as they could be and really aren't that great for driving cross country.
This made me realize something. I think that some people are fearing that future classes will be handled by the OP by reminding her dd how she quit ballet. Maybe because there are parents like that out there who would hold this situation over their kid's head. There are parents who would've insisted their kid continue for 4 years after the kid wanted to quit in the first month. (Who had the euphonium addict mother? Seriously 6 years??)          
Remember, part-time EC is a-okay! It doesn't have to involve anything more than signaling your LO when you know they're going or holding them over a potty when they wake up dry from a nap or to see if they have a bit more poop before putting on a clean diaper. Saving 1 diaper means you have successfully ECed!   And it's cool to start EC after you've got nursing sorted out and are more used the new person in your life.   Just saying, you can "try before you buy" as it were.
From the OP "She is not sitting up unassisted or showing interest in food.  She has had some early reactions to rice cereal (rashes and tummy trouble)." This isn't a solids-loving baby. 
Y'know, I wonder if part of the problem is that while the kids in her school didn't think of her as Japanese, all the neighbors do? So they see it not as the foreign family doing weird foreign things, but as the foreign family doing weird foreign things to a Japanese kid?     Not that helps with finding a solution at all, sigh...
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