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My husband is going to be working at Corry Station for three years, and we're going to be living in Pace. We're in temporary accommodations nearby now, but hopefully our house will be done next month.
Well, I don't have good news. We only saw an empty sac on the ultrasound. So I guess this is goodbye. :( I hope you all have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
I didn't get my loaded mashed potatoes, but I made a big batch of baked potato soup tonight and it was yummmmmm. I might have to have another bowl before I go to bed. First appointment tomorrow!
I had a huge craving for loaded mashed potatoes (with cheese, bacon, sour cream, etc.) the other day, but sadly, I did not get to eat any. I've mostly been averse to lots of foods and just eating whatever doesn't sound completely repulsive, without really enjoying what I eat. I'm taking meds for reflux already, but it's not enough. I'm having trouble staying hydrated because I can't stomach plain water a lot of the time, but the other things I can drink have so much...
I've never had an issue with it bothering my stomach.
I pretty much researched on my own and came to the conclusion that it is ok to keep taking a small dose. I will probably ask about it at my appointment on Monday and see what they say anyway, though.
My husband was supposed to be deployed last week, but they canceled it at the very last second. So we weren't planning on him being able to go to any of my appointments, but it happens to be that my first appointment is on President's Day (Monday) and he will be off, so he will go with me for that. I'll probably also schedule a 3D ultrasound to find out the sex around 16 weeks (at a "just for fun" type ultrasound place, not a doctor visit) and he'll go with me for that,...
Mine will be gone for work, but I don't really care. Valentine's Day has never been a big thing for us, and I pretty much just want to lay on the couch right now. I do wish he was home in general, because I can't get much of anything done, but at least he isn't deployed like he was supposed to be.
I made an appointment ASAP just because of my history. The only benefit of the ultrasound is peace of mind, really, and I guess pinpointing a due date, although I'm pretty sure of my dates. My first loss, the baby had died quite a while before I actually had any bleeding or anything, and it ended up being a disaster - hemorrhaging, emergency surgery at 3 am, etc. So I'll either see a baby with a heartbeat that's measuring on track and know that everything is ok and all...
Maybe they mean to hear the heartbeat with a doppler? You can definitely see a heartbeat on ultrasound well before 12 weeks. Usually it's clearly visible by 6 weeks. You can sometimes hear with a doppler as early as 9-10 weeks, but it's harder to find the baby when they're that tiny.
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