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No matter what. Just be prepared. It cant hurt anything. Just be prepared.
Quote: Originally Posted by Juvysen My thoughts: I think it's gonna get ugly. And if we don't learn about sustainability now, it's gonna get even uglier when oil starts getting scarce (and it will - just a matter of time). On that note, this could be a real opportunity to learn about living small, local, and sustainable so we don't end up really really screwed later. We can't keep booming forever - the world is finite. Yup. I agree.
I try not to understand why people do the things they do anymore. It makes my head hurt. I say if your kid really wants to go to the party then just bring snacks for them. If it seems like to much then dont go.
I think we need to be worried. Really worried. I think too many people are just sticking their heads in the sand and have been for too long. I was born in the early 70's and Ive never seen anything like this. Stock up. Be kind. Ground yourselves. Be prepared.
Quote: Originally Posted by segata How do you keep from getting upset when someone chooses to not bf for no reason?I tried to encourage her multiple times,she had her baby a few days ago,saw a pic of 'first time feeding...' and it was from a bottle.My little guy had to have a bottle for his first too but that was because he was hungry,he was in the nursery and they had him on oxygen.I pumped colostrum to take to him and when he was doing better,we started...
Quote: Originally Posted by kimya thanks. Im sorry too
Quote: Originally Posted by Dar Right. If racism isn't a big issue any more, how do you explain the racial discrepancies in everything from income to poverty level to age of mortality? It's a whole other level of racism. The superficial namecalling stuff can be incredibly painful, yes, but it's really not the core issue. If there was no deeper, institutionalized racism, then those words wouldn't be nearly as painful. They're symptoms of the real...
Are you white? If so then of course you dont see it much.
Quote: Originally Posted by papayapetunia Uh, she's being thrown in jail for driving with a suspended license, not being a repeat drunk driving offender. I think this is totally stupid. Our prisons are overcrowded as it is. Are we really so scared of the big bad socialite so that she needs to be locked up? Please. ITA.. Everyone just sees "Jail", "beautiful socialite", "whoohoo" Whatever..I think its rediculous and cruel. People hate her...
Yep! Gotta nice glass of Merlot sitting next to me and my kiddo coloring at the art table!
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