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Corinne Mae December 18 3:43pm 6 lbs 4 oz Born at home in the water!
Corinne Mae Hardy Born December 18th 6lbs 4oz Birth Story: The day started with really light cramping which aside from a very low baby was the only sign our little one may make an early entry. We went to our scheduled midwife appointment to find I was 2 cm (pretty expected for #2) and the head was "right there". Our midwife stretched my cervix and we headed home hoping to welcome a new little one in a few days. Immediately after the appointment the cramping got...
Also very happy to get the negative results. I tested positive last time and hated having the IV. We are planning a home waterbirth and thankfully I don't have to work IV antibiotics into the picture!
This will be my second birth. My dd had an unmedicated hospital birth with midwives. This time we are planning a homebirth with a different midwife practice (previous midwives won't do a homebirth where we live), DH, DD & my mom in attendance. We are going to have a birthpool. Where we live MW are covered by provincial health insurance, however, I have to cover the cost of all the supplies and the pool. I know from last time that what I need is privacy and intimacy. I'm...
I am so sorry for your loss.
Okay here it goes.... food - Sushi beverage - Tea scent - Ocean air animal - hummmmm don't really have a fave color - blue music - jack johnson place on earth - Tofino, BC anytime of year spice for cooking - Cilantro vegetable - Asparagas automobile - My bike...oh how I miss riding you with this growing belly.
Quote: Originally Posted by StarMama What?! No way! Yeah I'm both excited and nervous all at once. My son however asks everyday "Is it Christmas Mama?! Is the baby coming out tommorow?! I want a baby sister Mama!". Awww! My DD asks the same thing. She figures if we put up the christmas tree and decorations now it might help the new one arrive a little earlier. As the season starts to chnage I'm also starting to realize just how close we...
Almost 21 weeks now...I just had my ultrasound a few days ago and everything looks good. It's starting to feel more and more real everyday.
Not in your DDC but love Melina. Malia or Maleah are one our list.
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