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I have my daughter (9) and my son (6) for 3 weeks each summer, as they attend boarding school and the 900 mi distance plus my work schedule not allow them to come for any other breaks. I live in a place where it's warm mar-oct and they definitely don't. On their breaks up there they are inside as unfortunately most of their fathers family is obese. There are not kids in my neighborhood that come acallin but you bet when it cools off we are outside. I don't live in the...
I'd send a beautiful card saying that I've made a donation in her son's name to an anti-circ charity in honour of his beautiful birth.
Just drop it for awhile. Once the baby is there, he'll start to understand or at least accept it. My partner was half angry ("I don't want to have to explain it to him, I don't know s*** about foreskin") until he saw the baby and realised "That's what all the hoopla is about? That's no big deal at all, it doesn't even look that different!"
Most boys will tug forward quite a bit and twist it in their finger and all sorts. Eventually (and only he will know when that is) they start to pull back as well. The first time I noticed it my son was almost 3. He asked what it was, I said "that's your penis". He pulled it forward and said "what's this". I said "well that's your penis but you put foreskin over it". One day in the tub he looked at his duck, pulled his penis out and went "PEEKABOO". So from then...
Plain yogurt. Topically. No joke. Slather it on there, let it sit a bit, wipe it off. TMI: When I have YIs I insert 3 applicators full just like Monistat. Works in half the time. Pro-biotics help too.
Well the site creator is really open to suggestions, so just send them along. I like the "Yes you should consider it" for the adult circumcision (i.e. I'm curious what it's like says consider it, as it IS a body mod that some people do like) and the R word ones. The reason I say this is because the site is actually much closer to non-biased that way. I do agree that religiously a person SHOULD consider it and come to their own decision whichever one it may be. For the...
My son is in boarding school now and I think he's the only intact boy in his house. It hasn't even come up, but I would assume he would be told "some do, some don't". His houseparents have had other intact boys (incident free) so they know that it's okay not to be He's only 4 but he does know some people's penises aren't "inside" and doesn't have any feelings about it except he likes his "staying warm"
Where there's a will, there's a way. A greedy enough doctor will do it at anytime.
http://circumcisiondecisionmaker.com/decide/ Love it. Absolutely love it. Found on: http://twitter.com/IntactByDefault
Quote: He was born in 1982, the oldest of 4 boys (who are unbelievably all circumcised! Doesn't surprise me at all - something like 80-90% of boys in the early 80s were cut. Mostly only preemies and son's of intact fathers (who also had intact fathers) escaped the knife back then.
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