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Might want to get in touch with Nurses for the Rights of a Child. They'll probably have some good info for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sophieslion For that very reason I am not taking my son to Well Baby checks. I am English and I am visiting family next month, I have him booked in at my Drs in the UK for his 1 year check as I know there is NO possibility that they will try and retract his foreskin there as circ isnt common at all! While circ *at birth* is not common, religious circ & circ in infancy and childhood is more common than you'd like to...
There's some gifs and videos of men retracting their foreskins, once you see those I'm sure you'll be able to answer his questions. It used to be a sticky but I'm sure someone else will have the link or a search may work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Papai The post wasn't so great. There was no criticism of circ as an HIV preventative. Only concern that it might be taken "too far" and condoms won't be used. Ever hear the saying "one step at a time"?
http://blog.iwhc.org/2009/03/circums...-circumcision/ Fantastic read.
No, there's no medical reason for her to need to see his glans anymore than she needs to spread the lips of the vagina and put a finger in to stretch it out so she can see inside.
Quote: so it might make the baby feel like odd one out, Unless your family's Sunday afternoon hobby is to have all of the men sitting in a circle, penises out, having a genital staring contest I'm going to assure you that your baby is not going to notice or care. If he notices at a young age (say 5 or under) you can just tell him that "everybody's different" and when he's at a more apprioriate age you explain that when your older one(s) were born...
made some edits, posted it to facebook: Tribal-branding of a baby boy is pretty primitive behavior for this day and age. This is the kind of logic (or shall I say illogical thinking) that keeps it going: We hope our baby doesn't have any birth defects." except for aposthia (lack of foreskin) which we would sort of like so we can save some money since our insurance said it was "cosmetic". "We'd never submit our baby to a surgical procedure without a diagnosis." except...
Just because the circ rate is higher in black men doesn't mean black men (especially doctors) can't know how a foreskin works. Ask how much expirience the doctor has with intact children - male and female - not whether or not he has a foreskin. My partner doesn't have a foreskin but he knows enough about it that he is fantastic with his intact son.
My son will be 4 in March, his foreskin is about 3/4 detached (it is still "stuck" to the left side of the glans) and he can pull it back comfortably. He plays "peekaboo" with it in the tub to get it clean. He does not seem to notice or care about the part that is still attached and has no pain related to his penis. AND his chordee straightened itself out without surgery
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