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So write into them. Ask and remind them of their previous article.
Remind them that those same cells in the foreskin are also lining the urethra including the opening so if there is any kind of fluid contact with the glans at all, the area is covered in the same cells that the foreskin is.
By your peds logic I guess girls with A cups have incomplete breasts too.
He's almost 4 and like, 3/4 retractable? It's not something I check or really care about honestly.
Why not get her email address and send her the info.
It's not the worst thing to say in front of a cut guy because it's not a slight against him.
Quote: Originally Posted by anony While I don't really see how you can turn someone's request down if they are 8, I am not sure someone who is 8 is actually making that decision. If they are it seems a little mature. I know personally that the psychological side of things didn't really become all too important until puberty. That would be an age where I imagine being cut could be really depressing if you know what was done and it hurts your sexuality. But...
Quote: Originally Posted by perspective Well she is a right-to-lifer Unfortunately right to life is not right to integrity. And right to choice is not right to integrity either.
He probably just has a short foreskin. Sounds completely normal to me. However if you notice it ever comes back over the glans the entire way, just make sure you move it back into place. Now I say this as a precaution but I don't really think it happens often - my son is almost 4 and I've never had to do it.
Long story short: I went to England and slept with a guy. The line "Wow that doesn't look like the a mealworm at all" (as I had seen a diagram in health class of an "uncircumcised" penis years ago that DID look like a meal worm) was said at an EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE time. Laughter was had. My pregnancy came along and a friend of mine from England brought it up and even though I had no qualm against intactness when I was asked I said yeah I'd probably do it - I...
New Posts  All Forums: