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Quote: people say I have no idea what I'm talking about because I have girls. I'd remind them that women have a foreskin too and it requires the exact same care and treatment as the male foreskin.
Quote: Originally Posted by latinalonestar He must be confused. Maybe he accidentally voted. Sounds like he needs a good history lesson on the history of medicalization of circ. I'm not registering there but I agree with that. Links on the medicalisation need to be posted along with a comment about how we'd just be happy (for now!) if they'd stop throwing away tax dollars/insurance money on an ELECTIVE, COSMETIC procedure. If the AIDS thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by NoCircBoi2010 I am intact, yes, has she seen it, no. Because I am a Christian (I know), I believe sex is a wait until marriage, the only time she's ever seen me is w/o a shirt on. You might want to tell her that you aren't circumcised and her inferring that it's dirty or needs extra care is untrue (as you know from experience) and furthermore you find it very offensive because she's insulting your body and competency...
Why not just write them and ask?
Quote: Originally Posted by Yulia_R OMG, how in the world this UA violation get away with giving such advice in CANADA???!!! (where circ rate is low and doctors know better than that). I'm sure it still applies. DOC still can contact him (over the phone, email, letter) and Dave can still send them a letter. What a UA violation! PLEASE PLEASE go to the pharmacy and get his name. I got the same advice from two separate doctors in England. ...
Quote: He plays with it in the bath Just encourage that and he'll be fine. Not even to 'force' him to retract but to get him in the habit of some form of genital washing from an early age. I encouraged my son to rinse his penis before he was retractable and once he was is I reminded him to 'play peekaboo' in the tub the same way I remind him to wash and rinse his hair, brush his teeth, and clean behind his ears.
This happens with ALL guys. My partner does the toilet paper thing even after squeezing and shaking just for personal preference. My ex (who was intact) does it too and was the first guy I ever saw do it.
Does she know how to take care of an intact penis correctly?
"Um why would you? This is 2008, we don't need to do preventative amputations to organs that are treatable via cream and pills if they ever have a problem"
My partner was so tightly cut the skin on his shaft has torn open and he used Micropore until he was slack enough for O-rings. He then used O-Rings until he could use a DTR. He had to stop restoring when he got deployed but now has a loose circ.
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