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Hi, I have been interested in becoming a birth doula for some time now, and recently a good friend asked me to attend her birth, (due October) so I feel like now's the time to go ahead and get some training. Up until now, I've been reading reccomended books on various lists, etc. I have come across various types of training, from 2 day intensives, to online "correspondence", etc. I'd love suggestions and thoughts on the best way to go and if anyone knows of...
I chose this username when on a gardening forum (when I had a garden, now living in NYC) and also because I have helped tend fires (with a pitchfork) at NA ceremonies.
Hi, I'm new to this although someone kindly added me to the TTC list. I'm trying to get pregant for the first time, and have been working towards becoming a doula. Pitchfork
It's my understanding that there is no HGC before a few days after implantation. Could it be a faulty test? Sometimes I've heard of funny test results when there is M/C before a detectable time, which doesn't sound like your sit. Good luck and hang in there!
Hi, I used to live in Austin, and can recommend a friend I think highly of. I worked with her in her day job and we talked midwifery together. She was did not attend my birth, (as I haven't had a baby yet) But for what it's worth... I looked her up on the web, hope this number is right and good luck. Tina Harrison, (512) 469-1720 (ps, if you do contact her, tell her Suzanne from the museum says hi and I'm finally trying for a baby!)
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