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I made beef and lamb stock last night then put together a lovely lamb stew. The beef stock needs to be reduced down more befor making soup. I have not needed to go shopping for more than veggies since starting the challange! $17.40- produce
I would pay off the CC debt 1st and when that is done try saving for another car. Also, keeping full coverage on your car if it is in good working order and fairly new is good idea. I think keeping full coverage until you have a savings for a new car is a smart idea, it is too risky not to be protected.
I am also in and will be getting up to date soon. I need to do this since i have a large pantry of stuff to work with. Thanks for the ideas! Note to self, on page 8.
I am new to this thread and wanted to ask how do you tackle the big debts like Home, home equity, and student loans? We have made significant strides this year by getting rid of all credit cards and car loans. However, we are now at a point that we need to save for a new car, home improvements and the kids college. How do you pay off debt and save? It seems like a daunting task when they are all such big ticket items.:
I have a love hate relationship with these threads- I think most people can lower their budget but, often when reading these post or talking to friends i find that people underestimate their final cost or leave out items. I am now at a point were I am able to give attention to my grocery budget and I am seeing results quickly. We are a family of 4 large eaters and we entertain a lot, our monthly budget was close to $700 for many organics and high end items. This week I...
Quote: Originally Posted by ericaz Sufjan Stevens announced he's doing a fall tour. I can only imagine that would be an AWESOME show. It was nice to hear him mentioned in the Snow Patrol song Hands Open, I hope it will help spur a new following.
I am sooo in love with World Party right now!!! The local radio station here is playing them in heavy rotation since they played Bonnaroo, it is time for a resurgence of this group Karl Wallinger's is so talented.
Also, I bought MOJO and Fliter mags to help me keep-up.
Hey, I got to see Panic at the Disco, Dresden Dolls, and Hush sound last night. It was a great show! Very theatrical and amusing. I was impressed the crowd sang along with every song. The Spoon site is really nice and there are 15+ songs available. http://spoontheband.com/site.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Cool but have always been more into my stuff which is an eclectic range of dreamy brit rock Popish stuff to alt.country-rock....For instance I love Belle and Sebastian, Wilco, The Old97's, Wheat, THe strokes, Frans Ferdinand,oops Baby is waking I'll write more later... I love popish rock! I try to see 2 concerts a month. There are tons of concerts in the next 2 week around here and it is hard to decide. I have...
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