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Quote: Originally Posted by mumkenna&lucas I don't know of a natural way, but my dh uses a grout stain to do it (he is a tile installer). But what if the grout is white, or used to be some decades ago? Can you use stain to get it white again? I have white tiles on my bathroom walls and the nasty stained grout ranges from ecru to forest green, I swear. Blech.
DH and I are in disagreement . . . what else is new? I recently got DS (age 5) a great pair of cowboy boots at a garage sale (for a quarter . . . go Mommy, it's your birthday.) He loves them, of course, and wants to wear them to play in, but they are at least 3 sizes too big. A neighbor also just gave him a nice pair of hand-me-down sneakers that are maybe 2 sizes too big. Yes, of course he loves them too. DH will NOT let him wear them. "They'll hurt his feet,"...
Quote: Originally Posted by LianneM We make coffee, sweeten it and freeze it to a thick slush. Then add vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup (caramel I guess if you like) and blend. So yummy! Sounds like a good start. Experiment #1 begins today.
I am so not a Starbucks girl . . . the high cost, the muscling out of the mom & pops, the whole fancy schmancy attitude. Just give me a travel mug from home and I'm quite happy, thanks. But a parent of one of my students gave me a gift card and I was pretty thirsty . . . . Damn! It was like dessert through a straw. Carmel mocha frappacino. Decadent . . . but over $5.00. Anybody know how to recreate this little habit-maker at home?
I would think if anything it would hurt my writing skills. Boards like this are essentially conversation in print, which automatically, for me anyway, throws style and rules out the window.
Amazing what an ounce of inspiration can do. Last night I purposely postponed our evening walk until after dark. I suggested DS (4 1/2) bring a flashlight and a lidded cup with holes poked so we could hunt fireflies. He got instantly excited and said, "Mommy! That's a great idea!" And it was indeed. We walked the same route we do every night, but it was an entirely different experience. Thanks for the inspiration.
We're lucky enough to have two theaters in town that offer free matinees of kids' movies every day all summer. A couple days ago we spent a hot Arkansas afternoon snuggled in the frigid dark, eating smuggled M & Ms. Pretty decadent. We also have a couple of giant churches who have fabulous kids' play areas . . . think McDonald's Playland on steroids. They want to encourage heathens to come in, so they let us play free any old time we want. Check and see if your big...
How about a bagel (whole wheat?) with cream cheese and marmalade?
This is pretty, but not perfect. It's from Anthropologie. This is nice, too, or this, or this , or this, or this, or this, or this . . . from Sundance. I think the very last one is best! Happy shopping!
Could it be a growth spurt? Maybe it'll pass. I'd say, try to tough it out for a while. Maybe it'll get better. Good luck!
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