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My twins are 2 years apart.  When the second set arrived, my older kids were 5, 4, 2, and 2.  My older set are MZ girls and younger set are MZ boys.  (In my house, the boys are "easier!")  When I was pregnant I was asked a lot of silly questions and most people assumed I'd done fertility treatments or something.  Watch out, you'll get even more comments and questions when your second set is born!   Yes, I did nurse all 4 of mine.  Actually, my girls nursed until they...
Congrats on the second set!  I have two sets as well-back to back MZ girls and then MZ boys.  You are in for a wild ride but I'm sure you knew that already.  ;)
Acute TTTS is supposed to be very rare and there is very, very little info out there about it.  (Both of my sets had it-one set born at home, one set by emergency c/s under general anesthesia.)  There's no way to predict it and although some people do favor an early c/s to prevent it, there's not really any evidence that it decreases the rate of acute TTTS, AFAIK.
Would you mind posting the info for the supplier you found in Seattle?   Thanks!
I <3 Doc T. 
My guess is MZ!
I have found that you will hear 10 different stories from each person you ask.  I tried to register my children in CYSS in GA and was flat out denied.  My husband was deployed and I only wanted a few hours of respite care.  Now I am in WA and again, we have been told different stories.  I brought in documentation and was told that it was fine.  Then a second person said that we could not register our children.  My husband is home now and I just wanted to sign my...
If you get them, I'd love to come expose my little boys!   With my other children, I found that it took more than one exposure to catch the pox.  The nursing babies, in particular, had a harder time catching it.  We did the lollipop trick each time but it wasn't until the third exposure that we were successful.  
I did nightwean my second set while I was still pregnant.  I should say that they were mostly nightweaned.  LOL  We had a few setbacks along the way.  I started to try weaning at night as soon as I found out that I was having twins again and not a singleton.  It took a few weeks of my DH going in and soothing the girls back to sleep.  They had been cosleeping and I had to move them into their own room to get them to stop nursing.  If they stayed in my bed they would...
I think I said the same thing when I found out I was having a second set of twins.  LOL  Hang in there!  You can do it.  I nursed my older twins through my entire second twin pregnancy and then nursed all 4 together for nearly 2 years.  You would be surprised by the crazy things your body can do sometimes!  :)
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