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If you don't get any other recommendations, send me a PM.  I'm a Christian doula and I'm in her area.
I'd love to find them too!   My older 4 kids have had them but my little ones have not yet.
Why is your doctor talking about a c-section already?  It seems a bit early to be planning for that, unless they just don't support vaginal birth with twins.  I ask because my doctor also scheduled my cesarean with my first set of twins (mo-di girls.)  I didn't show up and had an awesome homebirth.  Recovery was amazingly easier than I thought (and I had a 3-yo and 1-yo at the time.)  However, I had a c-section with my second set (mo-di boys) and my husband left...
I got pregnant with MZ twins while nursing a singleton and then got pregnant with MZ twins while nursing MZ twins.  I had only had a handful of cycles at all since having my first child.
You've gotten some great advice already, but I wanted to chime in about the tongue tie.  Get it clipped!  It can really cause a lot of problems, even if it appears minor.  My second set of twins had posterior tongue ties and nursing was awful.  They had them clipped but it wasn't enough.  After surgery at 3 months, things started to get better.  Now they are two and still nursing, but we never would have made it without getting the tongue tie fixed.  I'm not sure where...
I get to hear just about every comment in the book when I go out with my crew.  "Three sets of twins?"  "Quads"  "Are they all yours?"  "You have your hands full!"  And then the super weird "Can I take a picture of them?"   I've learned a few tricks.  First, don't make eye contact.  This usually keeps people at a distance.  Second, smile and nod when possible.  Talking only opens the door for more questions.  Third, my catch-all response is "It's a crazy life but God...
I'm all for helping to organize a nurse-in if you think that would help.  (I'm a live just a few minutes away from Olympia and I'm nursing 2-year old twins.)
There is a thread about this here somewhere... sorry, no time to search for it.  I had a HBAC with my first set of twins.  There are a few youtube videos too.  I personally know of quite a few VBAC twin moms and I think most of us struggled to find supportive care providers too.  Best of luck!
I felt the same way when we used to live in GA. I'm from DC and it was like living in the middle of nowhere for me. We just PCSed here in September and we live in DuPont. I love this neighborhood-lots of sidewalks, lots of trails, lots of kids, and we're close to JBLM. I think you will like it more if you are able to move closer to Tacoma.
If anyone ends up catching them, I'd love to meet up and expose my 2-year olds. My older kids have had them but my little guys weren't born yet then.
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