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Just moved to Tacoma/Ft. Lewis 2 weeks ago... I'd love info on homeschool support groups in the area. I heard that there was a great HSing group on Ft. Lewis. Does anyone know about it? Also, any recommendations for chiropractors and dentists would be appreciated! Thanks!
Does anyone have a recommendation for a great photographer near Tacoma? My husband is finally returning from his deployment and I really, really want to have someone there to take photos. We haven't seen him since Christmas and he's been away from home for 20 months. I'll be by myself with my 6 kids at the homecoming ceremony and won't be able to take pictures so I need someone good to do it for me! Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
My first set of twins were born at home (HBAC) and I don't have video, but I have a slideshow here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi37qJ-mIoU
My husband is deployed and I've basically been single parenting for 16 months now. I'm not the best to offer advice though. I have no help. I moved from GA to VA to be near family but it was terrible. So I moved back to GA. I'm living with no furniture, no husband, and I'm pretty much over it. LOL But I am surviving! We just try to get out of the house as much as possible. I take all six with me to the store several times a week. We go everywhere together.
Got two sets already! Maybe it's just my situation, but I would hesitate to wish for two sets. I absolutely adore mine, don't get me wrong, but it is so exhausting. When my second set arrived I didn't get the homebirth I'd had with the first set, recovery was terrible, breastfeeding was difficult, etc. My husband left when they were just 4 months old and I was nursing 4 children until recently. My other children were all 5 and under when the second set was born,...
I got pregnant with twins while nursing twins! And I got pregnant with the first set while nursing too.
Quote: Originally Posted by christyc Maybe it is lack of clarity, but what I got from it was not that we'd all go term if left alone, but that the averages for how long twin pregnancies typically carry would probably be a hell of a lot higher if you didn't include routine inductions or cesareans at 38, 37, or even (sheesh!) 36 weeks. Those of you who have been on this forum long enough know that there are plenty of moms whose doctors have recommended a...
I have had people insist that I must have twins somewhere in my family-like I don't know. Despite the fact that both sets are MZ and it's not hereditary, people love to tell me I'm wrong sometimes! And yes, they ask about fertility treatments too. I even had my aunt accuse me of lying about fertility treatments after I had the first set. (I had a 3yo and 1yo when the first set was born so fertility was not really on my mind! It's a miracle we had time to have sex at...
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