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I have some pictures on my blog at www.itstwinsanity.com. My girls are 3 now and my baby boys will be 1 next month. It's bittersweet.
Congratulations! They are beautiful!::
WHERE DID YOU BIRTH: first set-at home, second set-hospital HOW FAR ALONG WERE YOU: first set-39w1d, second set- 38w2d WERE YOU INDUCED: no, no ELECTIVE C-SECTION: no, no REASON FOR INDUCTION/C-SECTION: had an emergency cesarean under general anesthesia due to fetal distress and TTTS with second set SIZE OF BABIES: first set- 7lbs, 6oz and 7lbs, 6oz; second set- 7lbs, 9oz and 6lbs, 6oz TYPE OF TWINS: both sets are monozygotic (and monochorionic) HOW DO YOU FEEL...
It will get better! I try to get out of the house as much as possible. My kids were 5, 4, 2, and 2 when my second set was born. Chaos. But we go places and it has gotten easier as the months go by.
Sorry for your loss. You could end up conceiving twins again! I have 2 sets so crazier things have happened.
Als, I'm sure you know this, but it's not too late for B to turn. One of my twin girls flipped at 36 weeks after several chiro visits using the Webster technique. Don't give up hope!
Purely anecdotal, but I attended a twin HBAC where the second baby was breech and was turned using external version. Baby B flipped easily once A was out. PM me if you want to know more. I had a HBAC with my first set of twins and my midwives were not concerned about breech and/or effect on the scar.
You ladies are almost there! You're doing great! : I had my twins at 39w1d and 38w2d and those last few weeks were MISERABLE. But it seems like a lifetime ago now!
You can do it! I have a 6yo, 5yo, 3yo twins, and 10 mo twins. I'm still nursing (3 of them right now) and we homeschool too. You will just find what works and go with it! I do a lot of teaching and reading from a chair so I can tandem nurse the babies.
Welcome! It's unfortunate that your doctor was not more supportive of a vaginal birth. Mono/di twins don't have to be born by cesarean most of the time. If you look at the risks of acute TTTS (which I believe is what your OB was concerned about) it's still relatively rare. The cord clamping of Baby B is done immediately after the birth of Baby A to prevent blood flow back through the shared connections in the (mono/di) placenta. As far as I know, immediate cord...
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