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I don't have any fantastic advice, but I wanted to offer my encouragement! My oldest kids were 3 and 1 when I had my first set of twins. Then the kids were 5, 4, 2, and 2 when I had the second set. If I could go back and do anything differently, I'd make sure I was living near family and I'd ask for all the help I could get! But even if you don't have help, you can still do it. You'll find your groove and you'll just do it. There will be hard days, but you'll get...
My twins are all MZ so I can't speak to the double ovulation. But I can tell you that I had a very strong feeling that I was having twins the second time and I was right! I also suspected it in my second pregnancy (singleton) but never as strongly as I felt it with the twins.
My MZ girls have never really been any more closely bonded with each other than with their siblings. They fight a LOT with each other. They do play together sometimes but are just as often playing with their brothers. My MZ boys seem to be sharing more of that "twin bond" that people describe. They sleep better together and like to be close to each other. But they are only 3 1/2 months old so it's too soon to tell...
At the risk of being called mean & miserable, I'll agree with this one. I wouldn't ever say it to another pregnant mom, but I have to admit to being a bit surprised to hear them complain to me when I was hugely pregnant with twins. I'm not a "complainer" but will freely admit to feeling sorry for myself during my pregnancies. First one was complicated with PIH and bedrest, second was an 11-lber, third was a m/c, fourth was twins, and fifth was twins in the summer in GA....
I'm so glad you found a good midwife! I can't wait to hear about your birth!
Hi Jayme! I "know" you from the AOL Cloth Diapering board too. Twins can be scary but hopefully you can ask questions here and get some reassurance. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'll be thinking of you & the little babies and praying that they stay put until term. :
YES!!! That is exactly how I feel. I felt it after the birth of my twin girls and was so excited to have another baby so that I could enjoy a singleton. I missed that one-on-one time that I had enjoyed so much with my older boys. Then I had another set of twins. Now I'm looking forward to a chance to have just one more baby. Just ONE more. (Just ONE!!!)
There are so many factors to consider but it all boils down to your comfort level. The biggest concern with a twin homebirth is what happens after the first baby is out. That's when things can get complicated. For me, I'm way more terrified of a hospital birth (especially with twins) than a homebirth. It is so hard to have a natural hospital birth with twins. I was completely comfortable planning a homebirth for both sets of my (MC) twins. And the first set was a...
My MZ girls are 2 1/2 and one is (mostly) trained and the other isn't. I kind of expected them to learn at the same time but they didn't. They never do anything at the same time though. One is always a few weeks behind her sister!
Copngrats on the twins! I am sorry that the birth did not go as planned. I had an unexpected c/s with my last set of twins too. Take it easy! Having twins and recovering from a c/s is twice as hard as just one or the other!
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