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My first was planned and my second an emergency (not in the sense that I had to be knock out but that she needed to come out immediately when she was not dealing well with contractions). My emergency one was much easier to recover from. I think that was for a few reasons - I knew what to expect, I started on stool softeners ASAP, and I managed my pain on a schedule instead of waiting until I was already hurting to take meds.
nobody? am i totally off track here with my line of thinking?    i guess the other answer could be that we are just lucky he is responding so this diet so well.
I also wanted to add that given the choice, he would only eat carbs -he craves them but they clearly do bad things to him. He is ok on 20-30 grams/day.
Yes. Angelman had been ruled out.
ds is on the spectrum, age 5.5.  i've posted over the years here about his various issues.  serious seizure disorder that has been fairly refractory to medication.  low tone, delayed all around and immune deficiency.   with intensive ABA therapy, he has made amazing progress in every way, except gross motor.  he is doing very well academically, despite the serious expressive language delay.   we recently started him on MAD (modified atkins diet for seizures)....
Let me assure you that if you physically SEE your child have a seizure it really doesnt matter if it is one second or ten minutes - it is a seizure. My son's seizures have always been very short like this. There is not a doctor in this country who would say my son does not have epilepsy because the generalizec activity does not last at least 4 seconds on an EEG. I simply want the OP to know that seizures can look like many different things and you are wise to have it...
i just want to say that, actually, a seizure does not have to be 4 seconds or longer.  my son has seizures and they last between 1-2 seconds - a simple eye roll or head drop.   i would definitely recommend getting another EEG - preferably a 24 hour one.  it's best to try to nip it in the bud if possible (if what you are seeing is seizures).   is it possible that he visually stimming? 
yep - signing times are the best! they are ASL as opposed to some others that use some modified signs. also, check your library - our library carries all the signing times dvds.
i think SCD can be a really effective diet particularly for kids who deal with bacterial issues. BUT - it should be done with caution and under the advise of a knowledgeable nutritionist. it is not as straight forward as it seems and it is easy to mess up and cause your child to be in worse health. advise your friend to find a good nutritionist who is expert in SCD - it can be done by phone if there is not one in her area.
i do 3 ring binders - one for labs and one for school stuff. for labs, i use dividers and order them for blood, urine, stool, misc and in each section i put them first to last with most recent on top. my school binder just goes from first to last, with most recent on top. i also keep a regular large monthly calendar that i hang on the fridge. there i record whenever we start any new med (antibiotics, seizure meds, suppelements, etc), when we complete them and...
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