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We did. It was bad and we finally got our state's taxpayer advocate involved (it is a free service) and she was able to resolve the issue for us completely. I would recommend looking into that.
Bumping from the depths! Did anyone keep their gardens alive over the summer? I got so frustrated with mine that I completely neglected it and didn't water it for more than 2 months but it is still alive. My tomatoes are 6 feet tall, peppers are large, cucumbers producing. One of my artichoke plants is back in full force. Crazy.
Thanks everyone. I reserved the apartment today and will mopve a week from tomorrow. I'm concerned about various deposits to get the utilities in my name, etc. My stbx wants me to put my phone in my name and that will be hard to do as well. There are food banks here, I can do that. I have at least 6 months worth of diapers stockpiled for the baby. I have to keep my van (and insurance) because the public transportation is not good here. Also, my STBX will lose his job if...
The apartment is $775. If I go cheaper I get a tiny apartment in a bad area. I am looking at one more option calling a favor in from a friend but don't know if that will pan out. There is more that I can cut if I need to, but I feel like I am already disrupting the kids lives so much with this that I don't just want to take away cable, gymnastics. I tried estimating things like electricity and water in the apartment that I won't truly know. I would get WIC for two children...
Thanks, it looks like we might be able to get some WIC, but no SNAP benefits. $300/month for food and gas for 4 people seems impossible.
I have a question about food stamps benefits that I winder if anyone can answer. My husband and I are separating and the kids and I will be getting an apartment. I will not immediately be getting financial help from him (please do not lecture me on this). I get a large amount of child support ($2100/month) for my oldest child, but even with that paying the bills will only leave us $300 for food and gas, which is not going to cut it, even being careful. I have job...
Well be glad that you don't live next door to us! My husband makes horror props as a side business and this year our yard is going to be... intense. Honestly, if my neighbor asked me to do that I would politely tell them that we literally wait all year to decorate for Halloween and that my children would be really disappointed to have to censor our display because someone else didn't like it.
We bought in November at 5.5% and just signed the refi for 4.875% on Wednesday. Our broker called us an d offered the refi with no fees and they would even pay our prepaids. Can't beat that.
We bought as is with a 203k rehab loan to make the repairs. It was a bit more complicated of a process, but we got an amazing house for a great deal because of the condition.
Quote: Originally Posted by gabbyraja We want to do this, too. We don't have a house in mind yet, not planning until next spring or so. But we'll have probably 10% to put down at the time. We think we'd rather go for a big house that's not pretty than a small house that's "move-in ready". After-all, we'll have 5 kids... And a small budget... But I've never been through renovations before. (well, not by a professional. Dh once reno'd our tiny bathroom....
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