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I'm referring to her supposedly having a father who was born in the 30s and presumably having children young enough that she is actively refusing to vaccinate them.  
Taximom5, how old are you?
It would help explain why you sent her to school when you say you think it is bad for children.  
I forwardface my children from birth.  They need to learn to be tough right away, there's no coddling in this family.
The whole TAO forum, including all old posts, are now public.  
I suggest you start actively parenting instead of expecting your daughter and the dog to do it for you.
So you don't plan to do any schooling with your existing kids after your baby is born?
I wouldn't take parenting advice from a proven fraud or encourage anyone else to do so.  
Yes, take a break and let someone else feed her - someone who doesn't feel the need to be involved in every bite she eats, someone who doesn't micromanage every meal due to her own food issues, someone who can put out a tray of food that doesn't require constant preparation and can walk away without flipping out.  Someone who doesn't panic over the thought of "what ifs" that have not happened.   Rome wasn't built in a day, and food issues that developed over more...
Kids aren't learning at home?  Send them to school!  
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