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That is a great blog!   Waldorf Essentials talks about this, too.    My girls are almost 5 and almost 7 so we do a mixed age thing with them.  I make sure to take care of the youngest first since she has the least patience.  And, then she just plays the morning away while i do more sit down stuff with the oldest.  it works.  there is a lot of stuff they do together.  they hear some of the same stories and then want to make beeswax stuff all together.  they all...
  would you please post a link to this?  TIA!   There are some yahoo groups, too.
i would love to see a picture of this once it's complete!  
we, too are in the triangle area.  would love to meet up.  (i responded to your other post, too.)  
hey elizabeth,   we are still around!  we could meet you all at a park one afternoon next week.  want to just PM me?
sorry about the challenges you all are having but i can totally relate.   she was fussy from 3-7 weeks then took a break from it and has had a day of fussy here and there since.  she's 9.5 weeks now.  here's what we have been doing...   clearly, i had overabundant milk supply and overactive let down.  but, i didn't figure this out at first b/c i was reading about colic and reflux, at first.  that lead me to info about overabundant milk supply and we had...
adaline'smama- this is the worst.  i am so sorry, precious mama.  you did NOTHING to deserve this.  my heart is so sad with yours in losing your precious one.  like others have said, please be very gentle with yourself.  i hope that you have a lot of support right now. much love to you.
sooooooooo happy for you to birth at home, mtn. mama!  i have seen some births in the horse troughs- they are like birthing tubs, eh?  great idea. 
so happy for you all!!!    
i am an aquarius and so is this year's Feb. babe.  i hear that people with the same signs get along really well so i am stoked for that.  wonder if she'll be as stubborn as me though?  hmmn... yay for the compassionate-save-the-world part of aquarius.  it's exciting to think of the impact we get to have together.  i love serving with my girls already and seeing their own ideas for helping out come through.  it's just such an exciting part of being with them as they grow...
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