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I have used both of those Badger Balms on my three-year-old, and on myself while I was breastfeeding.  To my knowledge, they are very safe products.
I have always showered daily, and put on some type of moisturizer immediately after.   My kids get a daily bath.  When they were younger, I put coconut oil on them after their bath.  After they were older, I switched to almond oil.    I still help my 8-year-olds with bathing, and putting on oil after their bath.
I like Badger Balm's anti-insect balm.  It comes in a convenient roll up tube.
We use the same thing -   Lisoula, we use the Dr. Bronner's Baby Bar soap, not the liquid  
I love my Enell sports bra.  I am a 32 DD, and Enell eliminates any bouncing.  Even while I am nursing.  Running, even step aerobics, I literally have zero breast movement.  It is a compression bra, so it took a little getting used to.   Down side is the price.  I only have one, because it was $62.00.  I hand wash it daily, and hang it up to dry.  Other down side .... it is not flattering at all.  Makes you look totally flat chested.
We named our boys Sai and Jaymin.    A few more: Dillon (Dylan) Shan (Shawn) Kiran Chethan (Kathan)   Here is a web site, that allows you to search for Indian baby names that are easily pronounced by foreigners:   http://www.indiaparenting.com/names/index.shtml
Good idea - thanks! The one I have is Phillips Brand. I'll check the generic ones
I have been using milk of magnesia as deodorant for the past few weeks. I have really been astounded by how well this works! Literally no odor at all, even after exercising. And it doesn't give me the rash and burning skin that I get with more natural deodorant. It is like using nothing, but with zero body odor. I looked at the inactive ingredients on my bottle of milk of magnesia. Water, and Sodium Hypochlorite were listed. Sodium Hypochlorite is bleach! I...
I used Yurt craft for postpartum. They worked great. I still use them as an overnight pad. On the first day of my period, I will also use them, only while at home. They are large enough that you can tell that I am wearing a pad, so I don't wear them out of the house.
I just wash with hand soap and hot water when emptying the cup. After my period is over, I do boil it for a few minutes, before putting it away for the next month. I have never noticed a smell. I use a silicone cup (lady cup)
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