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Just get rid of it! That is my number one advice. Don't worry about where you are sending it. Think: All these toys have served their purpose. The end. I cleaned up DS (5yo) room this week. A lot of toybears and small animals 'have left the building'. And ds said when he entered the room: I LOVE my room now. The floor is so quiet! (I thought that was soo cute). And he continued: I only want this room to be mine if the floor stays this quiet. If it fills up again, my...
2 more bags today. One with more outgrown clothes for a friend's baby. One with clothes from both me and ds to give to a charity. 17 bags in all. My mom's comment today: There is so much more air now. And she is right. Much more breathing space.
I went clutter hunting today. Went through the house (including the basement) and filled 10 large bags. I didn't want to think too much about it. I didn't count, maybe I was afraid I would change my mind. I filled: 2 bags with dh and my clothes 1 bag with ds clothes 1 bag with old bedlinen etc 2 bags with toys from the basement 2 bags with glass containers 1 bag with bottles 1 bag with just all kind of rubbish And it's all gone! I threw everything away. I really...
I haven't counted every item. But I have filled several big bags. 2 bags of baby clothes given to a friend 1 bag of other baby stuff to the same friend 1 bag of things from ds room (broken toys, books, magazines, half boardgames etc.) 1 bag of kitchen items I never used. I hope to fill at least 20 bags before the end of this month. Is it ok. that I post here, even though I don't count items? You are such an inspiration to me.
: Haven't started yet. Illness and busyness are my excuses. But you are my inspiration
LOVE your apartment, Delight. Thank you SO much for sharing. We (me, dh, 4 boys) live in approx. 1000 sqft. If noone is in - or I'm alone - our house is simple and spacey. But then most days there are - at least - six people scattered around in here Our house is white and brown with splashes of green (white walls, wood floors, wood kitchen, leather couches, wood beds, white linens, green plants) But I'm inspired by your colours. Maybe I should add some colour.
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Mom of four boys, age 10, 8, 5 and 9mo
Subbing. What are the two greatest pleasures of having many kids? And what do you think are the two greatest challenges? My list: 1+ My kids will have many lifelong friends (yes, I know I'm naive, but I really think they will be each others' network) : 2+ Living together with so many and so different people 1- Laundry!: 2- Finances. But then I could also see this as a blessing, because I have learnt so much about stretching the penny
to learn to LOVE
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