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I have a very uniquely spelled name and back when I was a kid, it was an uncommon name as well. (Alicia spelled Elesia)  It used to make me so upset when people misspelled my name and even angry when people couldn't pronounce it (I am talking about people who knew me well such as teachers and relatives!) Now I don't give a hoot in fact I expect people will never spell it right and am usually happily surprised when someone pronounces my name right their first try....
more information please :)
I would choose the safer neighborhood and keep job hunting- I would also be willing to work at less desirable jobs while finding the right position in my field. I would be very cautious about lying to get my child into the better school- there was a woman a while back who ended up getting in big trouble for enrolling her son in a better school using a relatives address (I think it was near Chicago but I may be wrong).
thanks :) I actually have the god awful throw pillows that came with the couch- I could easily sacrifice one for a stash of patching fabric!  
We have a new couch and DS just informed me there is a hole in it :(  I am suspicious that he made the hole so that is even more annoying. Oh and it is right on the arm of the couch...     Anyway, the fabric is a dark brown chenille with several shades of brown. I am hoping I can do something to fix it so it won't be poked and pulled and made even bigger.  But how do I fix it?  My initial thought is to 'darn' the hole with embroidery floss. Will this work? Is there...
they make really tall gates that may work and you could also use a baby monitor to make sure you hear them.  I think locking them in the room is a terrible idea. Not safe in the rare possibility of fire and I just hate the idea of locking a kid in their room- might be related to my line of work and hearing about children being locked away for long periods of time...
I realize that the best me time is sleeping time :D  So I have almost always prescribed to go to bed when the kid does!     I am not a night owl though- I would rather wake at 4 than stay up till midnight.
I am INTJ and like a pp, have taken the test many times and always come out the same.     My step father and two brothers are also INTJ's- thought that was interesting when we realized.
I voted trap and relocate as well as live and let live.  I am not really sure which I would do- I will say that we allowed squirrels to live in our eaves for years because the only time we ever thought about fixing the hole they made was when we noticed the baby squirrels.  :D Last year we had out house resided and the eaves were fixed as part of the project so it's not an issue any more.  I would probably let the groundhogs stay a while and eventually move them.
I think it is incredibly rude to invite someone for a meal and ignore their food preferences when they KNOW you won't eat what they prepared. I would want to stop accepting the invitations  or invite them to my house instead.
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