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Please keep in mind that Angela is not a medical professional of any kind, and merely has anectdata and what she has decided is true, as 'evidence'. If it would make you feel better, do it. Babies certainly do not always come when ready, despite her magically long pregnancy. Sometimes things do happen, and sometimes a little help is necessary and beneficial.
I strongly prefer prefolds or little bitty fitteds for newborns. I would save pockets and heavier dipes for when they wet more, and don't have those adorable chicken legs. Plus better bang for your buck with pf's, and totally customizable to baby's size and shape .
He was hungry, mama. Snack before bus trip, very nearly entire problem solved . Oh and you don't HAVE to play that game if you don't want to, I swear. His sparkles will remain intact!
I used prefolds a lot with my dd and was always super happy with them. I did NOT use pins, only a snappi, which that site would also carry. Way easier and much less possiblity of poking baby, imo. Also, you CAN always lay a prefold in a wrap cover, for sure, but me, i always wanted to fasten it securely. A tiny non-mobile infant might not need super secure fastening, but as soon as they can roll and kick their legs, you may want the dipe done up tightly . And snappis are...
I assume that it is ok to take it, but wanted to ask. I will be taking a regular prenatal, but i am usually at least slightly anemic at the best of times, and Floradix has worked wonderfully in the past. Anyone take it while pregnant?
thanks for all the reassurance! I know that pushing to get a beta would just be giving me more to get worked up over lol. It's just been such a long road to get here, that I am paranoid a bit. No spotting or anything, so that's good; and i'm sleepy and nauseated so those are reassuring signs . I just want to get past the first trimester, so I can relax. I do have a good feeling about this pregnancy, honestly... dunno how much that counts for, but I have a great peace in...
You know, I did a search for 2x maternity clothes on ebay, and came up with hundreds of listings, all kinds of things at low prices, ime. So i know i will use ebay a lot, as well as you can get big flowy tops and dresses from eshakti.com. And I know that Walmart (i knooowww) carries Just my size, which has all these big flowy tunic top/dress dealies and leggings now. I have a feeling I will be getting a few of those and living in them. I also want to go the route of...
Hi all. I've been TTC for nearly 5 years after the birth of my daughter, and found out just today that I am finally expecting another baby :. I do have PCOS, but no losses that would indicate urgency for me to be wary, so... do I press for a quant beta right away, or just chill till my first OB appointment? I'm only a couple days late for my period, and two different tests popped up positive instantly. What say you all?
You could, you know, not allow him to play with potentially harmful sharp objects. Two year olds can have options. 8 year olds can be told, sorry dude, shears can hurt you and other things, you don't play with them. I assume you want him to respect potentially dangerous household objects? Also? Natural consequences are not now and never have been evil or bad. Generally, they are USEFUL teaching tools .
As others have said, she gets the bulk of toys/games/etc at birthday and holidays. Every so often I do get her a little something, from the thrift store or what have you. And also periodically I will get her a new book or two, more often now that she is reading so proficiently . Also, her behavior has really seen a really great upswing and she has been acting great lately, so I decided to reward her with a new Nintendo DS game. Prolly not the most popular reward around...
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