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Darn none here
I have been CDing for a little over a year and use mostly fitteds with covers. I found a huge stash fo prefodls that I purchased before starting to CD that we just never used. I washed and fluffed them but never used them I can't remember what size or if they are indian or chinese: Is there anyway to tell. I know some of them have green stiching and I thought that indicated something if I remeber right. Any of you pros have any ideas!!! Thanks so much in advance!
Love my Mutts, just bought some more and I have not had any problems with customer service, she answers any questions I have promptly.
I got some microfleece at Joann's today. So we will see how it goes with that. Unfortunately the only color they hadwas turquoise! But I was desperate for some so I took what they had for now! If anyone know about the right side wrong side thing please let me know!!
Thanks for the help! I am going to go out and get some cheap fleece today. I tried the polar fleece I had but I think it repels water as her diaper leaked which it never did before!
What kind of fleece do I buy for liners for my daughter diapers? I have some polar fleece is that okay to use? Or do I need a different kind of fleece? Thanks for your help!!
Just received my 1st order from Monkey Sudz and I got the Pink Sugar and Black Raspberry & Vanilla, and they smell awesome!! I off to go wash some wool so I can smell them
Thanks for all the great suggestions. Maybe I wasn't that clear, but I have no problems with people knowing that I am nursing as this is our 4th child, but there are times when I can't let it all hang out!! Middle school functions come to mind as my 13 year old would be mortified if his friends saw his mom's goods!! I don't care if they know I am nursing! I could care less if I draw attention to myself and breastfeeding it is sometimes you just can't let them see everything
I think if your baby has a ton of wet dipes and is gaining weight, then you shouldn't worry so much. With my first we had some of the problems you do. I was alot younger then and let the ped talk me into stopping nursing because he was jaundiced, etc and it created an awful cycle. He wanted to nurse all the time and I gave up after 2 months. I should have kept at it way longer. With the other two it got progressively easier mostly I think because I was better educated....
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