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Please post your favorite smoothie recipes here! Thanks
My hormones have been all messed up because I'm entering peri-menapause (and the added stress of a 3 year old) so my dr. suggested the above mentioned tea, ginko for increased energy and ginseng. I'm only on week 2 of the above but it has been helping tremendously.
My 3yr old's favorites: Grandfather Twilight Draw me a Star Wild Child Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present (my fav as a child) All I See is Part of Me The Poky Little Puppy Good Night, Fairies
I have a 5 year old Honda CRV that I fill up once every 2 weeks; more often if we make a trip to MILs which is about 60 miles away. We live within 3 miles of where I work and we are lucky enough to have a Target within 2 miles, a Wild Oats within 1 mile and a Hen House within 2 miles. Dd's preschool is also within 2 miles of home. Any trips to the above stores for an item forgotten on our weekly trips are made by walking. I would bike to work if it weren't for...
Suggestion for substitute book: All I See is Part of Me, by Chara M. Curtis It is the story of a child who is questioning himself/herself (hard to tell by the illustration if the child is male or female) and the world around him/her. By asking questions of the Sun and the Star, the child realizes that he/she is part of everything, and everything is part of him/her. One of my 2 1/2 year old's favorites.
Here's what I accomplished last week: 4 days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday- 6 min. run/ 2 min walk 5 cycles Tuesday - 30 minutes of weight training Wednesday - 90 minutes of Hatha Yoga Friday - 90 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga Sunday - 30 minutes of weight training Goals for this week: Run 4 days - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 8 min. run/ 2 min walk 4 cycles Bike with my dh & dd this weekend about 20 miles (supposed to be 80 here on...
I'm joining you ladies as the oldest member of your group - I'm 44. I have been running off and on for years. When my parents both died of cancer when I was 28, I vowed to resume my healthy habits as a teenager (I was a dancer, practiced yoga, ran track & cross country, played soccer, biked everywhere). Since that time, I have run more than not. Prior to dd, I ran 6 days a weeek, 3 -10 miles per day depending on the day. I've done lots of 5K and 10ks and love...
I don't obsess about it but I think about it. I'm in my mid 40's and definitely can see the passage of time on my body....boobs aren't as perky, skin is very different than in my 20s or 30s, knees crack, not as flexible, etc. Both my parents died of environmentally related cancers. I take much better care of myself than they did (excersize regularly, don't smoke, eat organic, take supplements, yearly checkups, etc.) but with the genes I inherited, it does make me...
Wow, Tuesday! Thanks so much for the link! I read the 7 Principles of Cosmic Spirituality and those principles pretty much sum up my own views. I will peruse the links, too!
I'm not using Robert Scheer's article or opinion decide for me whether or not to see a movie. I've seen the trailers. I've seen clips. From what I've seen, I AGREE with Scheer. Big difference.
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