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My dh introduced me to the book. I've read it twice. I love that book! It is a beautiful book and I was so glad to read something from the female perspective regarding the King Aurthur legends. I read one of the prequels...can't remember the name. I didn't like it quite as well.
What has made you grow personnally? The poll below started my thinking. I have just started keeping a gratitude journal. Let me first say that I am 42 years young, have a wonderful dh, a 17 yo dd and a 4 month old dd. I am truly blessed. I think that my personal growth really started when about 15 years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. A year later my mother was also diagnosed with cancer. My mother passed away in '88 and my father in '89. My parents...
I love to workout, too! With a new baby, that has put a little bit of a challenge into getting my daily workout, especially since I also work full time. My dh and I love to run, bike and hike together but since the baby, we don't go together for anything but a short hike. I do have a 17 yo daughter that helps out. She watches the baby (time permitting...she is very busy with her activities, academics, work and social life!!!) while I go workout after work and on...
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