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Subbing, we have a 7 yo.....  
Our 7 yo homeschooled and until very recently a complete non-reader LOVES the Bob books I picked up at Costco this summer.  I thought the beginning ones might be insultingly simple but he was delighted with them because HE COULD READ THEM!!  They progress in order and he just devoured the first set and we're on to the second set.  He is by no means fluently reading but it's a great start.  Instead of reading being "too hard" or "boring" he's now so proud he can read a...
There is also a free standing birth center in Sacramento that you may want to look into if you are not exclusively looking for a homebirth -  http://www.sactobirth.com/  
Welcome to Northern Ca!  Homeschooling is pretty easy here - here's a link to the state homeschool association and they lay it all out pretty clearly http://www.hsc.org/home-page.html
Did you have to take a comprehensive exam at the end of your program?  The books you have are good and I found that most of my prep time went to studying for comps.  Once I'd passed those I felt prepared for the AMCB.  However, in my program you could only take comps once you were done with EVERYTHING, I know some programs you take them before integration so it may have been a while.  Whether you choose to take your exam before or after the baby comes just make sure you...
Thank you!
Best microscope ever...completely durable, very simple to use and it WORKS!   www.magiscope.com   We had this one when I was a kid, it was lent out to cousins and never seen again.  I was finally able to locate it online just yesterday and it will be on the Christmas list this year.  Seriously, it is wonderful!
I think the above poster had some good points for you.  The platelet level you stated is still *normal* so at this point I would do nothing.  I would want to recheck the level with the third trimester CBC around 28 weeks.  If it was lower but not dramatic (125-140s -ish) I would do monthly rechecks unless it started dropping dramatically then weekly or every other week.  I work in a pretty big practice and we see this somewhat commonly.  Anesthesia won't do an epidural...
Where on the website do you register?  I looked around but didn't find anything obvious.  We just went last week and felt we did pretty well with the brick or treat pass and a free kids ticket - but it was still way more than $21 per person!!  We know we will want to go back again so thanks for posting this info!
Oops, just re-read and saw she is postpartum.  If breastfeeding she should avoid the benadryl as it can decrease milk supply, fine to use it in pregnancy though.
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