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Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna If they are driving it, they are the one that will get the ticket. It's the chance you take when you drive someones car that needs a repair. A letter or note isn;'t going to change a thing. If you get a red light ticket then it goes to the owner though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Why though, even if a woman keeps her name, is the general default (note I said general, not all ) for the kids to still get the dad's name? It is supposed to show who they belong to. Just like a woman being Miss her dad's last name belonging to her dad and Mrs. her DH's name belonging to her DH. The kids getting his name mean that they're his too.
There isn't a reason to xray before extraction really. A root canal they would though. Local anesthetic if you aren't allergic isn't too bad at this stage. It's much beter than an infection which could cause all kinds of issues. I had an extraction while pregnant.
My daughter was my largest.
What beautiful pics and kids! Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird i agree with the PP that it is not against the UC philosophy to monitor during labor. If it helps you, then it is perfectly fine. And, i believe it is perfectly fine to use any instrument of your choice to monitor. it's entirely up to you! personally, i didn't monitor, so i can't answer to that. but philosophically speaking, it is an individual choice. It's still unassisted if you're the one doing the...
Did you try behind your bone really well? and congrats for both the baby and losing so much!
If I were VBACing it might make me more likely to get one (I'm on the fence if I have another). I took my kids with me so that was one less thing lol.
Whoa! I don't open for anyone I don't know either. It freaks me out!
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