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Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti We would welcome measles in our family. Most of us have had measles when we were young and have life long immunity. We would like to see the same for our grandchildren although they may have already gained immunity without symptoms (?). WHAT?!? WHY would you want to welcome measles into your family?
I am trying to locate a chart that a doctor would use for breastfeeding infants. From what I understand there is a different chart for BF and FF infants? Anybody know? TIA!!
A chiropracter for an adjustment on a baby/toddler? Never ever heard of that!
I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone! My DS is 15 months and hasnt nursed in weeks. At 13 months he was down to night nursings, than it just all stopped despite my best attempts! I work FT so omitting the sippy cup is not an option. I even went home on my lunch hour to see if he wanted to nurse. Nope-he wanted me to cuddle him. My DS is also very independant and is busy all day. DS has 2 older siblings that he wants to keep up with so I think that...
In my case...My 2 older kids who were primarily FF are MUCH MUCH healthier than my youngest who was ONLY EBF. My youngest has allergies, asthma and always has a runny nose. My oldest who is 9.5 had her first round of antibiotics at age 7. The older 2 have never had an ear infection but my youngest has had 3 already. GO FIGURE!!
22 months 4 days!
Thank you ladies! I am ok with him weaning at this age! I have noticed him changing his ways for a few weeks now. I dont think this is a strike. I did think that at first but I dont think that anymore. Thanks again!
I heard about the cabbage leaves too. It is really hard b/c DS is my last baby...I was so sure he would have gone longer but he is so independant. And he has older siblings that he wants to be with all the time! He doesnt have time for Momma!
DS hasnt nursed in 5 days. My boobs are so sore right now. I have offered and he shakes his head NO, than he goes about his business. I havent offered in 2 days and he hasnt "asked". I am so happy that we had a nursing relationship for 14 months. It was so great but I guess it is time to move on!
I had no help with DD and was clueless on what to even do. With DS #1 it just didnt work out. With DS#2..he was a pro. he is 13 months and we are still going.
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