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I was reading an old thread about master cleanse and realized that it was from years ago and even closed. I was wondering if anyone was doing it now and thinking about starting it. I bought the book and was hoping to not do this alone.
I am so in! I need the support to do this.
Quote: Originally Posted by lifeguard After acknowledging his feelings I'd give him some time to relax. Stop the activity altogether if possible & sit quietly until we were ready to continue. Not a time out but a time to regroup. I was thinking the same thing.
I am wanting to start freezing our meals to help out with the stress in life. BUT I am totally lost about it. Can someone give me step by step of what they do? Like do you cook your meals and then freeze them or do you just put everything together and thaw it out to cook it? What kinda of containers do you use? I do have a food saver, is that good? Someone please help me!!!
sorry, wrong thread.
I watched it last month and it completely open my eyes. I am in the process of finding local farms to help change our eating habits. I have to say that is tough and I seem to be little lost but we are trying. This past weekend I sent dh out to the grocery store for some eggs and because of the snow storm, all that was left was free range eggs. So he got them and we thought we notice a difference in the taste. It could be because we paid almost twice as much as we...
I get what your feeling. Everyone on dh's side calls our 4 year old ds baby and it drives me crazy. If we wanted him called baby, we would have named him that. I can understand calling him that every once a while but if we did not call him by his name, I am sure he would think his name is baby.
I got DH a Kindle for Christmas and of course I want to download free books for myself. What websites can I use? Are there a lot of parenting books that are free? Thanks
What a light that has been turned on for me!! I have never heard of not wearing coats in the car seat nor I have ever seen an article regarding it. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. With dd who is 1 and rr, we take off her coat because it seems her normal body temperature runs about 120.1 and she is always sweaty after sitting in the car. So we take off her coat anyways. However with ds, who is 4 and ff, we leave his coat on. As it gets colder we have been pulling...
My mom told me when I was pregnant with ds1 to never say anything about "how my child will never..". She said it will come back tenfold. So true! I said that my child will never have fits it the store. oh yea, sure!! Never say never is all I am going to say!
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