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Do you know of any neighborhoods like the one I described?
My husband and I live just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have our entire lives. However, neither of us are "winter people" -- we don't ski or even really go sledding with the kids. The boys actually don't seem to enjoy being outside in winter, either. This winter has been particularly horrible, and I'm beginning to think that we should just...duh...move. DH is an engineer with almost 20 years of experience, so I'm guessing as long as there is a decent economy...
I'm coming to the conclusion that my six-year old son may have fructose malabsorption, too. How is your DH doing on the diet?
I'm looking for recommendations for supportive nursing tanks/camis with a built-in padded bra. I leak & need to wear pads, so I want something with thick padding to conceal the breast pads. It also needs to be supportive (underwire?) to hold my 40-year old boobs UP! Does such a product exist? TIA!
Same with me. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but not Hashi's, FWIW.    
Well, the current ongoing issue is encopresis (we think). He has bouts of dark, sticky poop and has accidents, both pee and poop.   He's been gluten-free since he was a toddler and corn-free for about a year (though we've messed up a few times). We had his stool tested by EnteroLabs when he was a toddler and took him off gluten when he tested sky-high for antibodies against gluten. I discovered that corn causes his skin to become goose-pimply and his sleep to become...
My son was very colicky as an infant -- he slept horribly and would pump his little legs and cry as though his tummy hurt him. He also spit up constantly until the age of six months and developed some patches of eczema. I tried elimination diets and finally came across the SCD. It didn't seem to do anything for him, but as I said, I (and he) had been eating a vegan diet and I didn't embrace the diet fully.
Has anyone here done the GAPS diet? I just got the book and have started reading. I find this stuff fascinating, but the thought of actually DOING the diet is so overwhelming. When Henry was a toddler I did the SCD with him, but I had been vegan & didn't fully jump in with it. I've learned SO MUCH about nutrition since then & have totally changed the way I eat. But now Henry is old enough to know what he's eating (& what he's NOT eating) & I have a baby to take care...
No, he hasn't really had bowel issues much. He was late to potty-train, but I think that's more because of his personality. He was dry all night long even when he was in diapers from the time he was about two years old. He did have the same issue last summer for a few weeks, but that was after months of no problems whatsoever. Then after that he was fine for months and months before the problems started again. Part of it may have to do with my having a baby, which he...
Did her son have any other symptoms? I mean, my son has no issues walking or running at all, and I'm just wondering if that rules out a problem with his spine.
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