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Last night we had black bean pancakes (frittata). I don't have the recipe but did a combo of something I had seen in a cookbook and something I had seen online, so do a search for it - they are delicious with a little chutney or even leftover cranberry sauce lol Black beans (cooked) salt onions garlic (optional) egg cayenne pepper (I used this instead of whatever was in the recipe) coconut oil (again, this was a substitution I made for frying) may have been some...
Quote: Originally Posted by kathirynne As a PP said, essential oils are flammable. Use the whole herb, instead. I have a recipe for a "bedtime blend" and one for "coughs & colds". I could post them tomorrow, if you'd like them. Please!
OT but for no-poo my container system is stuff I already had in the house: BS and water get mixed in a cild's sippy cup (NOT a no-spill one - more like the old-school tupperware ones with a spout). I mix up the water and BS and then shake it onto my scalp. For ACV/Water mix I use (don't laugh) a peri bottle I had laying around the hosue (why can't I throw things *away*?). It works PERFECTLY especially since I also wash face (on hair wash days) with BS and ACV -...
Ack! now I want a bag lol (*needing* on the other hand, is a whole 'nother can of worms...)
I haven't made one, but remember reading this thread a while back: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=424759 Hope this helps! If you make one, please post pics
Love the applesauce ornament idea - think we'll try that this year. I've let 2 y/ dd "embroider" small pices of felt (about 3" square) and she just used leftover pieces of thread and a large needle to make an assorment of colored lines on the felt. It was abstract but kinda fun to see a little one doing needlework. This could easily be backed with another piece of felt and stuffed for a child-friendly ornament.
For those of you using felt (acrylic or wool blend) with two layers, did you use a stiffener in the middle of it? Those felted pics are GORGEOUS! WOW
THANK YOU for doing that! Glad you feel more comfortable now. I'll bet you make another mama comfy down the road after she sees you being "normal" with your child!
Quote: Originally Posted by sabrinat The dresser came out great. It got a whole new lease...it had a broken drawer and my son had colored all over it with crayons which I couldn't get off...now It lookes like something out of pottery barn...woohoo! THAT is awesome! I too would love to see pics of your projects - inspire us!
I have one now! lol If you have furniture, you could paint it - even paint it all to (gasp!) match each other lol. I'm thinking of our hideous bedroom where nothing matches. It's like I never left collage. No, wait - my room looked *better* back then
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