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We had a busted drawer in our vanity that we couldn't afford to replace so se made a flase "Front" that looked like a drawer and permanently attached it to the vanity. It looked like a drawer but didn't open (like the "Drawers" you might have underneath a sink).
If you can, work a year (and travel too!) before attending grad school.
Is this your effort to start a paper trail in case you get busted for yur huge stash? Don't worry, we've got you (r no-poo head) covered Just send the Feds our way, ok?
Thanks for the link to the wesite! I hadn't heard of her project before As close as I ever came to "streamlining" my wardrobe like that was when I did extended travelling abroad. I was limited to my suitcase size (or backpack size, when we went on trips), and I found that I really could simplify my wardrobe A LOT. I still have trouble (back at home) with keeping things that no longer fit (I keep them - that's the problem lol), but I find I buy a lot LESS when I...
No real ideas, sorry - just want to sub and ride on your coattails - we need *serious* affordable decorating ideas in our bedroom.
Cool swimsuit! I like it A LOT (someone hold my hands so I am not tempted to buy something I don't need lol). I usually buy my swimsuits at the end of season clearance sales at department stores. We have a pool in our back yard so I have more suits than I *ever* had in my life, but it is nice to rotate them At this point, me and my bulgy belly wear bikinis whose tops/bottoms often coordinate with one another. But I agree with a PP who said that spending a...
Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to you and your frequent posts on no-poo (heheheh). I have some fiercly unruly curly hair that has been in a bun or braid for a year After your nagging (heheh you're quite convincing) I finally gave BS/ACV a try and I am in LOVE! I wear my hair down a few days out of the week now (it's 100 degrees outside though so HOT) and I get so many compliments on it! I have a handful of people here who are now trying no-poo and getting...
Quote: Originally Posted by nym Best thing ever! Peel and freeze ginger root whole. Then grate it frozen!!!!! It is awesome for stirfrys and everything you use ginger for! Makes it so easy! *that* I will try Thanks, mama!
I LOVE having frozen onions and peppers (seasoning veggies, basically) and use them often in cooking. My tip: I learned you can cut and freeze ginger root for up to 3 months. CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! I was always modifying recipes or skipping them altogether bc I couldn't easily keep ginger in the house (it would rot before I used it or get hidden in the fridge or whatever). Now I can cook with the ginger I love (what a romantic story!). We freeze beans when we...
I laugh (cry?) at the "affordable" ads as well. But as far as housing goes (apartments or single-family), HUD calls an "affordable" house one that costs at or below 30% of the owners/renters monthly income. You shouldn't be spending more than that on housing (though - yeah. Lots of people do). Er - no idea what the Dept of housing and Urban development has to say on the affordability of coffee tables
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