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02/01: 60 minutes elliptical   60/1000
This is so good. It's super-easy and can be done in 30 minutes flat. We often add a parmesan rind to the soup for additional flavor, but it's still excellent without it.
12/5: 55 minutes of elliptical and stairs 12/7: 45 minutes elliptical 12/9: 65 minutes elliptical   249/1000
It's going to be extremely hard to meet my goal this month, as I start a new job on the 12th and will train full-time until the 30th. Just have to do the best I can!   12/1: 69 minutes cardio, 15 minutes swimming   84/1000
11/30: 65 minutes cardio   1011/1000
11/29: 65 minutes elliptical   946/1000
11/28: 68 minutes cardio   881/1000
11/25: 35 minutes elliptical 11/27: 42 minutes jogging/walking   813/1000
11/23: 65 minutes elliptical   736/1000
I weighed in today and lost a bit more. I have now lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and weighed in at 179. I am really excited about this and actually fit comfortably into a pair of pants that I could not even get buttoned a month ago!
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