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Last week was crazy busy and I did not exercise for six days straight. I have doubt that I will be able to reach 1000 this month, but I am going to try.   11/22: 65 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes arc trainer   671/1000
One additional thought: This may be one of the only things he is able to control in his life right now. In my experience, it is not uncommon for children in foster care to begin this at time of removal due to their lack of control over their life.
I just accepted a position that is 8-4:30 every other weekend. I can pick up shifts through the week if I want and can cover weekend shifts. But my required part is 34 hours per month. 
60 minutes elliptical 10 minutes stairmaster   591/1000
55 minutes elliptical   521/1000
60 minutes elliptical   466/1000
11/10: 15 minutes elliptical 11/11: None 11/12: 40 minutes elliptical   406/1000 (40% of goal met, 40% of month passed)  
11/8: 35 minutes elliptical 11/9: 40 minutes elliptical, 6 minutes running   351/1000
Apparently counting calories, in addition to exercise, is the way to go! I lost 7 pounds in one week. Weighed in today at 182!
After posting my intro, I gained four pounds in one month despite logging 800 minutes of cardio in the month! I decided to start counting calories and lost 4.5 pounds in about a week and a half (plus upped exercise). Overall, I have only lost 1/2 pound since joining this thread, but hope to see improved results soon. Counting my calories was VERY eye-opening. I had no idea how much I was really eating. Especially the snacking in between meals. And I had 320 calories in...
New Posts  All Forums: