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* The EDD is 04/18/2011 I am Jill (30) and have been with DW for seven years. This is our second child, as DD is 19 months. DW and I would both be excited for a boy, but it's not that big of a deal. We'll be thrilled no matter what the sex. We had a homebirth with DD and plan to do the same, as long as everyone remains healthy and there's only one baby in here (fertility tx).
I got a BFP tonight a 11DPO! DW and I are so excited! Now we'll have to wait a few weeks to see how many are in there, as I had two mature follicles! I will have the first beta done on Monday! It's even more exciting because DD was born a week after my birthday and this baby will be due a week before DW's birthday!
Really short post, as we are still on vacation. I tested today, at 10 DPO, and it was a BFN. I know it's early, but I am feeling little hope for this cycle (WITH DD, I got my BFP at 8DPO). There were two mature eggs....how could it be that neither one of them fertilized? Ugh. I will probably test again Friday morning (12 DPO).
I wanted to pop in and update briefly. I am currently 8DPO and just hanging out. I had my IUI last Monday and we left on Friday for vacation....that's been a great way to pass the 2ww. I only brought one HPT and plan to test on Thursday (dd's 19 month birthday). Of course, I can always get more at the drug store if need be. No symptoms except for increased CM, which was the only early symptom when I got pregnant with DD. I know I had two mature follicles at time of IUI, so...
We're actually vacationing with my family in NH this week. We planned a day trip to the Cape, but decided to go to Brewster this year. We heard soem great things about Paines Creek in Brewster and decided to take the kids there. But, boo, I did not realize it was family week. With us only having one day, DW does not want to go all the way to P-town. Boo.
My suggestion (just an idea, but who knows? It may work): -buy a hairpiece -wear it religiously in your real hair so your scent will get on it. Place it where he normally touches so he will become accustomed to it. -send the hairpiece to school with your son so he can stroke/love on it while he sleeps. HTH!
Quote: Originally Posted by MujerMamaMismo Hey folks - I'm here...again... It's been 27 months since I last inseminated, the result of which is playing in the living room! And here I am again, lying on the bed with my legs in the air! I guess we're back in the game! Last time it took us 9 months to get knocked up via KD DIY insem. Hopefully this time will be a bit quicker. Last time I had been charting for years. This time I have a kid that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coco99 Awww... Sorry girl... How many tries did it take last time ? Last time: -1 ici at home (totally never would have worked. Found out I have pcos and need meds to mature my eggs) -1 iui. Resulted in a positive and we lost the baby at 13 weeks. -1 round, but i did not stimulate so the cycle was cancelled -1 iui and the nurse failed to wash the sperm before the iui. resulted in bfn. -1 iui, which...
Can I be moved back to waiting to o? BFN and then my period started this morning. I start Femara again on Thursday, ultrasound on Sat. the 24th, and IUI on Mon. the 26th.
AmandaHope: Talk to your doctor about trying Femara, as opposed to Clomid. According to the RE we use, using Femara has a reduce likelihood of multiple follicles v. Clomid. The RE explained that he usually sees one dominant, better quality follicle when using Femara than the mulitple, not-so-great quality follicles on Clomid.
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